Alumni Board Letter

A message from the Alumni Board

My earliest memories of Pacific Lutheran University include riding my bike through campus as a small boy, weaving through big buildings and lots of trees. In the summer, my family would visit my aunt and uncle, who lived just a couple blocks away. The campus was always so peaceful and inviting.

I started working about that age, earning my own money from the time I was in first grade. Then I came to PLU as a young adult and watched so much work being done, but not necessarily for pay. It was an eye opener for me.

So, when Lauralee Hagen in PLU’s alumni office called me six years ago asking if I was interested in serving on the Alumni Board, I knew I couldn’t say no. There was work to be done. Now, my fellow board members and I want to improve that work, and we need your help.

We are a group of diverse, energetic people who are committed to staying connected, honoring tradition and anticipating exciting changes within our community. We want other alumni with a similar passion for enhancing the PLU experience to join us by applying to join our board.

Board members have vowed to move from a body of alumni who hear reports about the state of the university to playing an active role in shaping the state of the university. So far, we’ve restructured our bylaws and reflected on ways to mirror the changing face of PLU’s student body. We need your help to continue doing that.

We are accepting applications for board positions now. Let’s do some work.

Dale W. Haarr, Jr., ’89
Alumni Board President

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