dCenter Alumni Weekend

My social justice has no chill. None. Whatsoever.

Fellow alumni and friends,

In May, The Diversity Center hosted the third annual dCenter Alumni Network Weekend. Flying “home” is always an opportunity I look forward to. I can’t express how much it means to reminisce on those experiences of being a Lute and also to catch up with friends and meet current students.

This year, the weekend was more than just a time to get back together; it renewed our social justice consciousness. With the constant emergence of police brutality videos, bigoted political rhetoric and action, and an electoral race for the history books, there is a strong need for renewing the belief that this work is important and our self-care is vital for us to continue our care for the world. This weekend’s reminder of our social justice strength and resiliency, hence “no chill,” truly resonated with folks.

With lots of food, a stirring panel discussion, thought-provoking conversations and even a little karaoke fun, we came together and got what we all needed – support and validation. Our Alumni Network will continue to grow and provide these opportunities, not just for those of us who experienced The Diversity Center during our time at PLU, but also for those with an equal passion for social justice who attended the institution before such a space existed. For ways to get involved and invested, please do not hesitate to reach out. Please connect with us to share your time at PLU. Let’s work together to continue to challenge the conversations, as well as impact the experiences of current and future students of our alma mater.

Yours truly in chill-deficient social justice,

Maurice Eckstein ’11
Co-chair, Diversity Center Alumni Network

Maurice Eckstein '11
dCenter 15th anniversary

This year PLU marks the 15th anniversary of The Diversity Center. Please join us as we celebrate our continued efforts to use our collective voices for resistance and change.