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St. John's Bible - The Gospel According to John


Kevin O’Brien, dean of humanities, discusses the decision to host The Saint John’s Bible at Pacific Lutheran University. O’Brien explores the ways in which featuring the Bible in the university’s magazine fits with the inclusive mission at PLU.

The Saint John's Bible - Creation

The Saint John's Bible

Kari Plog, senior editor of ResoLute, describes her personal journey coming to terms with the ‘L’ in PLU and how The Saint John’s Bible mirrors the university’s mission. Her first-person account of interacting with the Bible provides an intimate look at the book, created by a community for an even bigger one.

Marilyn Knutson


Explore PLU’s commitment to hospitality, one of three primary themes that occur throughout The Saint John’s Bible illuminations, through the eyes of Lutes. Read about how Marilyn Knutson ’59 and others experienced hospitality and how they continue to pay it forward in the PLU community and beyond.

Martin Luther


Learn about the history of the Reformation, Martin Luther and how PLU is honoring the tradition with its yearlong Re•forming series amid the 500th anniversary of Luther’s revolution. Read how the PLU community continues to reform, aligning with the theme of transformation that is illuminated in the artwork of The Saint John’s Bible.

PLU students stand in solidarity with Mizzou


Learn about PLU’s commitment to social justice and creating an authentic sense of belonging for students of all backgrounds. The Listen campaign is an ongoing educational effort to move beyond the welcome mat, and echoes The Saint John’s Bible theme of justice for all people.

PLU Pastor, Jen Rude

Called to PLU

Meet the new university pastor, the Rev. Jen Rude, who started at PLU in August. Rude is the first openly gay pastor at an ELCA college. She plans to draw from her experiences and struggles to mentor students of all backgrounds and meet those students where they are at on campus, even if they don’t attend chapel.

Women and the Holocaust

Women and the Holocaust

Listen to a conversation between Beth A. Griech- Polelle and Samuel Torvend — the Kurt Mayer chair of Holocaust studies and chair of Lutheran studies, respectively. The faculty members sat down to discuss PLU’s approach to Holocaust and genocide studies and how the university talks about Martin Luther’s anti-Semitism.