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PLU President, Allan Belton, standing in an office with words on the wall behind him

Opening Note

Meet Lutes who have experienced success on their own terms. Learn how our community designs extraordinary learning opportunities and explore how Lutes find meaning after graduation, measured not only by traditional forms of success, but in lives well lived.

Rosa Franklin

Defining Success

PLU asks students to broaden their definition of success beyond career milestones or dollars earned. We talked to Lutes in various stages of life to find out what success means for them.

Nate Schoening Center for Student Success at PLU

Build It and They Will Come

A generous donation from Dave ’68 and Chris ’68 Schoening, in honor of their late son Nate Schoening ’01, established a resource-rich campus hub for students.

Cynthia Waite '20 - smiling while presenting her research

Undergraduate Research Symposium

Named in honor of its late founder and former PLU Provost, the Dr. Rae Linda Brown Undergraduate Research Symposium showcases student-faculty research.

Jimmy Aung ’19 and Jamie Escobar ’19 teaching in an elementary class

Science Education

A grant from the National Science Foundation’s Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship fund is helping introduce PLU student scientists to the possibility of becoming a science teacher in the K-12 education system.