Welcome Legacy Lutes

Each fall, we welcome new students to our campus. The Office of Alumni & Student Connections extends a special welcome to our Legacy Lutes, those students whose parent(s) attended PLU. We recognize this extra special commitment to their alma mater and are thrilled to have their sons and daughters carry on their legacy. Please note that only the parents who attended PLU are listed below.

Charles LeWarne
Charles LeWarne ’89 and Karyn (Hanson) LeWarne ’89

Isaiah Banken
Joel Banken ’91 and Julie (Ostenson) Banken ’90

Maria Anderson
Mark Anderson ’89 and Kristina (Braunlich) Anderson ’91

Avery Carlson
Amy Lux ’96

Benjamin Warner
Cathy (Corrie) Warner ’93

Jace Keim
Jud Keim ’86 and Sari (Tollefson) Keim ’87

Sarah Rodin
Jon Rodin ’86

Breanna Lightbody
Erica (Edie) Lightbody ’95

Ryan Shane
Allison (Whitney) Shane ’90

Elizabeth Horner
Clayton Horner ’99

Emma Taupin
Jeanne (McDonnell) Taupin ’86 and Olivier Taupin ’85

Anders Bowe
David Bowe ’88 and Diane (Gregerson) Bowe ’87

Alexandra Gallaher
Teresa (Hebert) Gallaher ’90

Luke Bakken
Lisa (Johnson) Bakken ’91 and Per Bakken ’94

Allison Sheflo
Katherine (Wheeler) Sheflo ’91

Shawn WIlliams
Jesenia Williams ’05

Jamin Perry
John Perry ’87

Sarah Davis
Mark Davis ’91 and Kristine Brown ’91

Andrew Irwin
Timothy Irwin ’93 and Jennifer (Dykstra Irwin ’92

Bethany Taylor
Julia (Arthur) Taylor ’81

Elijah Aosved
Joel Aosved ’95

Autumn Johansen
Steven Johansen ’92

Aaron Crook
Douglas Crook ’83

Brice Wilbanks
Brett Wilbanks ’91

Zachary Esteb
Mark Esteb ’87

Cole Olafson
Mark Olafson ’81

Abigail Denn
Kelly (Sharpe) Denn ’96

Carolyn Blocker
Shawn Blocker ’97

Kaydn Mertz
Kara Quello ’92

Evan Ringler
Jennifer (Johnstad) Ringler ’89 and John Ringler ’89

Gunnar Squires
Scott Squires ’88 and Sherith Squires ’88

Hannah McGinnes
Katherine (Cotton) McGinnes ’80

Nolan Premo
Rochelle (Holt) Premo ’94

Jessica Swanson
Clarice (Huesby) Swanson ’90 and Keith Swanson ’89

Emily Toycen
Linda (Hollandsworth) Toycen ’92 and Jaymes Toycen ’92