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Bishop Richard Jaech


No question is unasked. No field of discovery unexplored. More than five centuries ago, Martin Luther disrupted the status quo by calling for open, accessible education for youth of all genders and socioeconomic strata. Bishop Rick Jaech outlines how PLU is living the Lutheran tradition.

A group shot of people smiling

Bring Your Whole Self

Lutheran higher education asks students to ponder the big questions as they learn to appreciate and embrace differences. Take a deeper look at how Lutheran higher education fuels critical questioning and learning in community, the purposeful work of inclusion, and of discerning one’s vocation and service in the world.

A wide shot of a huge group of students grouped together

How We Live It

In the classroom. Outside of the classroom. Cheering on the home team. Exploring the world of work. Creating. Listening. Celebrating. Take a look at this vibrant visual portrait of how we live our values at PLU.

Rick Steves leaning on a fence posing in Cinque Terre, Italy

Travel as a Political Act

Travel expert — and proud Lutheran — Rick Steves reveals the power of global travel to inform and illuminate as we make our way in a troubled world.

People paddling down the river in canoes participating in the "Power Paddle to Puyallup"

Power Paddle to Puyallup

Kelly Hall ’16 found a new connection to her native Samish tribal culture through her studies at PLU, then gave voice to her people as part of the revival of this traditional Northwest canoe journey.

Panayotis (Panago) Horton '12

Strong Link of Three

People remember Panago Horton ’12 for his quiet leadership, devotion to family and passion for access to education for marginalized students. His spirit of social justice lives on through a legacy scholarship established in his memory.

Kristina Walker - Downtown: On the go!

Going Places

Kristina Walker ’02 first discovered Copenhagen and its hundreds of kilometers of bike routes as a PLU study-away student. When she returned to Denmark more than a decade later, it was as executive director of Tacoma’s Downtown on the Go.

A man is standing on a snow hill up in the mountains

The Reboot of Outdoor Rec

Back in the 1990s, campus outdoor recreation programs were roughing it due to a lack of organization, leadership and storage space. But two students with a love of the Northwest’s natural beauty decided to change that.

Angie Hambrick, Maurice Eckstein ’11 and Nicole Jordan ’15

PLU's Podcast Push

Tune in to lively podcast discussions featuring Diversity Center alumni and the Rev. Jen Rude, university pastor. You’ll hear new perspectives on diversity, inclusion, equity and what it means to be part of an institution of higher learning that’s guided by Lutheran values.