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As an institution of Lutheran higher education, PLU welcomes everyone and celebrates a search for knowledge that leaves no question unasked and no field of discovery unexplored.

More than 500 years ago, in a society where typically only boys and young men from wealthy families received an education, Martin Luther was the first major leader to call for open, accessible education for young people of all genders, rich and poor. As a professor, Luther prompted his students to reject easy answers and use all available fields of study to pursue the deepest knowledge possible.

Pacific Lutheran University continues this tradition by welcoming all to our campus and engaging all students in the fullest development of their abilities and talents. We are excited at recent successes, including enrollment growth. Our
message is getting out!

In September, 2018, PLU welcomed an incoming first-year class of 649 students—more than 5 percent over the previous year. PLU recruited 179 new transfer students—almost 15 percent more than the year before. In addition, PLU welcomed this academic year 372 graduate students—the highest graduate enrollment since 1995.

PLU’s mission – to educate for lives of thoughtful inquiry, service, leadership, and care for others, their communities and the Earth – is rooted in the Lutheran insistence that study in the liberal arts is a liberating experience. Quality education frees the learner from limited knowledge or self-focused understanding and frees the learner for a life of purpose, satisfaction, and service in the world.

In this edition of Resolute, you’ll hear many diverse voices speaking on how we can live the Lutheran ideals that unite us. We are called to be a community of belonging — to get beyond just existing side-by-side and embrace the purposeful work of inclusion.

Students and alumni are asked to bring their whole selves to their education, to discover their calling, and to use what they have learned intentionally and courageously for the benefit of others and for the whole planet.

This is what Lutheran higher education looks like in 2019. This is what Pacific Lutheran University does.

You are the why and the how.

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Bishop Rick Jaech
Southwestern Washington Synod
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
PLU Regent