Cloudy Pass

In the summer of 1968, Dan Wiklund, left, and Philip Nesvig, both 1970 graduates of PLU, pause on Cloudy Pass overlooking Lower Lyman Lake.
(Photo courtesy of Jonathan Nesvig ’67)

Taking a break

Philip, left, and Jonathan Nesvig take a break with their 50-year-old backpacks on their August 2018 hike.
(Photo courtesy of Rachel Nesvig)

Image Lake

In a steady rain, Philip leads a 4,000-foot climb to Image Lake. His daughter, Rachel Nesvig, and her friend, Kaitlin Gemar (both St. Olaf grads), follow.
(Photo courtesy of Jonathan Nesvig ’67)

Glacier Peak

The rain clouds parted on Day 3 to reveal 10,541-foot Glacier Peak looming over Image Lake.
(Photo courtesy of Jonathan Nesvig ’67)

Preparing breakfast

Philip Nesvig, from left, Kaitlin Gemar and Rachel Nesvig prepare breakfast as our wet gear dries out. Glacier Peak is in the background.
(Photo courtesy of Jonathan Nesvig ’67)

Lyman lakes

Upper and Lower Lyman lakes nestle among the peaks of the North Cascades.
(Photo courtesy of Jonathan Nesvig ’67)

Final day

Jonathan, left, and Philip Nesvig check out their route on the final day of their 34-mile hike.
(Photo courtesy of Rachel Nesvig)

Finish line

Jonathan and Philip Nesvig approach the finish line of their 34-mile hike marked by Rachel Nesvig’s trekking pole at Holden Village.
(Photo courtesy of Kaitlin Gemar)