Christian Traditions (RC)

RELI 121The Christian Tradition - RC
RELI 212Religion and Literature of the New Testament - RC
RELI 214Topics in Biblical Studies - RC
RELI 220Early Christianity - RC
RELI 221Medieval Christianity - RC
RELI 222Modern Church History - RC
RELI 223American Church History - RC
RELI 224The Lutheran Heritage - RC
RELI 225Faith and Spirituality - RC
RELI 226Christian Ethics - RC
RELI 227Christian Theology - RC
RELI 331New Testament Studies - RC
RELI 332Jesus and His Early Interpreters - RC
RELI 347Major Religious Thinkers, Texts and Genres - C, RC or RG
RELI 357Major Religious Thinkers, Texts and Genres - A, RC or RG
RELI 361Church History Studies - RC
RELI 362Luther - RC
RELI 364Theological Studies - RC
RELI 365Christian Moral Issues - RC
RELI 367Major Religious Thinkers, Texts and Genres - RC or RG
RELI 368Feminist and Womanist Theologies - A, RC

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