All are Welcome

Campus Ministry provides opportunities and a safe place for the PLU community to explore issues of faith and spirituality, to ask and wrestle with big questions of life, to integrate faith and learning, to create a community of support and service to others and to earth. It is our belief that everyone has a place and a purpose in the PLU community. We welcome you to join in! Like us on Facebook!

Spiritual Inquiry Week

Spiritual Inquiry Week (SIW) will take place on the campus of Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA, April 16-19, 2015.

We invite PLU’s campus community and surrounding communities to engage in personal spiritual discernment. The goal for this program is to invite participants to:

Evaluate their own spiritual journeys in whatever capacity that may be

Reflect on where their journeys are headed

Inquire about ways for continued personal growth.

We value PLU’s middle name of Lutheran, but we understand and want to emphasize that Spiritual Inquiry Week honors not just Lutheran or Christian spiritual walks, but those of all faiths and non-faiths. We value, respect, and recognize the diversity of Lutes.

Spring Break Trips

Gain an opportunity to work with your peers on a short-term immersion experience.

Get Involved

Each role has special importance in the functions of the Campus Ministry Office and the worship.

What's in a Middle Name?

What are the values of a Lutheran higher education and what does it mean to attend a Lutheran college?