Parking at PLU

All students, staff and faculty wishing to drive to campus and park in university lots must obtain a parking decal. Due to space limitations, only one decal may be issued to each campus community member regardless of the number of vehicles registered. The decal must be displayed on the lower corner of the driver’s side of the windshield. Only the decal for the current year may be displayed. Previous decals must be removed. Parking space is limited so parking regulations are strictly enforced.

Summer Parking at PLU:  Are you leaving for the summer and need to leave your car on campus, if you were a student on campus with a current registered parking decal, you may continue to utilize the STUDENT parking lots. You will need to make sure that you have a local contact for us in case your vehicle needs to be tended to in your absence.  You may send your inquiry about summer parking to

Vehicle Registration Information

Registration begins during the summer before the start of the school year. The decals are valid through August 31st of the latest year displayed on the decal. Please do not discard your decal until you have picked up your newest decal. Vehicle registration is completed on-line. The decal will be ready for pick up within 3 business days at the Campus Safety office. Decals can not be mailed and must be picked up in person.

Free temporary One-Day Parking passes are available at the Campus Safety office for visitors and PLU community members if you forget your parking decal.

The type of parking decal will determine the campus parking lots available to you. Your status at PLU will determine the type of decal you need to register for.

Decal types:

  • Freshman Resident: Students with freshman status who are living on campus.
  • Resident: Students with other than freshman status living on campus.
  • Commuter: Students commuting to campus from home regardless of class standing.
  • Faculty/Staff: Employees of PLU

All parking lots have university signs located at the entrance to identify which decals the lot is open to.

Parking in the South Hall lot on lower campus is open to all students for an additional fee. These decals do not allow the owner to park in any other lots.

2016 - 2017 current rates:

  • Faculty/Staff: No Cost. *Employees are eligible to purchase a second decal for the cost of $60.
  • Students (includes Resident Freshman, Resident students and Commuters): $50 annually
  • South Hall gated lot (open to all students): Total $130 year / $95 half year

*Only one decal can be used at a time. Employees are not allowed to share the second decal or bring two cars to campus at one time. The purpose of the second decal is to provide the option of having a decal on two cars so you do not have to transfer decals from car to car. Violations of this rule may result in a ticket for Improper Display or Use of Decal ($20).

Register Your Vehicle

Registration opens on June 13, 2016 at 8am for the 2016/17 school year.

We accept credit card payments online for parking decals. You can also pay with a credit card online for any parking citations you may receive during the academic year. We accept Discover, Mastercard and Visa.


Vehicle owners and operators park on campus at their own risk. PLU assumes no risk or liability for any damage or loss to any vehicle, nor the vehicle’s contents, while the vehicle is parked on university property. This includes damage incurred if the vehicle is towed.

TINGELSTAD GATED LOT UPDATE: There has been a change regarding the status of the lot. At the end of the 2015-16 academic year PLU had to cancel the lease on most of the property that houses the parking lot. PLU owns roughly 35% of the property. This has reduced the number of available parking spaces from 250 to 80.

Initially our goal was to mirror the existing setup – fully fenced, card swipe entrances, camera coverage, etc. – but on a smaller scale. As the remaining bids were finalized over the summer the project costs rose to $250,000 – $270,000.

At more than $3,000 per parking space, we feel that this cost is too great for a parking lot of this size and the university funding can be more appropriately used in ways impacting a broader reach of students. Some improvements will still be made to the lot. The lot will be fully fenced but the vehicle gate will be open at all times. A pedestrian gate, located at the northeast corner of the lot, will also be unlocked at all times. A camera will be dedicated to watch over the lot.

There will not be an extra charge to park in this lot. The lot is open to residential (non-freshman residents) and commuter students. The standard $50 parking decal will cover parking in this lot. The South Hall lot is available to all students who want a reserved parking space in a gated lot. The price for that lot has not changed.

Although this is not the ideal result to the lot reconfiguration we do feel that this is the best course to take based on the budget needs of the university.

We will continue to monitor the lot’s usage and look for potential improvements over the course of the year.

MORKEN DECAL INFORMATION: The Morken Decal is available to Employee and Commuter Students only. This decal must be used by the individual that it has been issued to and not shared with anyone else. It is to be used on the secondary car only. You may not put the Morken decal on the same car with your primary decal. If you use the Morken decal on your secondary car, the Morken lot is the only lot the vehicle is allowed to park in. Be sure to check for signage so that you are parked in the appropriate section of the Morken lot.

Parking on County Roads

Parking is available on many of the county streets surrounding the campus and is subject to State and Pierce County parking regulations. Drivers are responsible for knowing these regulations. A list of common violations can be found in the tickets section . If you park in the neighborhood surrounding PLU, please keep safety in mind and be considerate of those living in these neighborhoods.

Where Does My Decal Allow Me To Park?

Unique Lots

South Hall Lot
Assigned spaces only. If someone is in your spot, please call x7441 with a description of the vehicle (make, model, color, plate number and state), as well as your space number. Do NOT park in someone else’s spot while waiting for them to leave.

Tingelstad Fenced Lot
Open to all commuter and resident students (non-freshman residents). The lot is fenced but open at all times. No additional charge to park in this lot.

East and West Hauge Lots
Reserved 7am-5pm weekdays for staff. After hours parking only. Some spots are reserved 24hrs per day, all week. This lot is enforced year-round.

Northwest Lot
Reserved 7am-5pm weekdays for staff. After hours parking only. Some spots are reserved 24hrs per day, all week.

Commuter Student Decal

  • Columbia Center Lot
  • Harstad Lot
  • Ivy Lot
  • Morken Lot
  • Mortvedt Library Lot
  • Nesvig Lot
  • Olson Lot
  • Wheeler Lot
  • Tingelstad Fenced Lot

Faculty/Staff Decal

  • Columbia Center Lot
  • East Hauge Lot
  • Health Center Lot
  • Ivy Lot
  • Morken Lot
  • Nesvig Lot
  • Northwest Lot
  • Olson Lot
  • Tingelstad Reserved Lot
  • University Center Lot
  • Wang Center Lot
  • West Hauge Lot
  • Wheeler Lot

Freshman Resident Decal

  • Morken Lot
  • Olson Lot

Resident Student Decal

  • Columbia Center Lot
  • Harstad Lot
  • Ivy Lot
  • Morken Lot
  • Nesvig Lot
  • Olson Lot
  • Tingelstad Fenced Lot
  • Yakima Lot

South Hall Decal
South Hall Gated Lot
– Open to all students
– Reserved spaces
– Additional fee required