Continuity of Operations Planning

Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) includes the activities of individual departments and their sub-compartments to ensure that their essential functions are performed during a disaster, which could result in the loss of one or more of the following: work or teaching facility, power, water, electricity, communications, personnel, or other resources.

It includes plans and procedures to ensure that essential functions are performed. Plans and procedures should be trained and tested to ensure a viable COOP capability. Schedule a COOP planning workshop for your office. Email

Is your office prepared for a disaster?

Check out FEMA’s office continuity plan to learn how you could help prepare your office for an emergency!

COOP Process

1. Review: Business Interruption Staffing Decision Guide

2. Complete: PLU COOP Guide 2020 or PLU Academic COOP Guide 2020

        * Review staffing plan instructions

* Identify essential functions.

* Identify essential personnel to carry out those functions.

* Identify resource needs and dependencies.

* What facilities are available to carry out the work?

* What communications are available?

3. Maintain the plan.

4. Remember personal and family emergency preparedness as it relates to the personnel who are available to carry out the essential function.