Pacific Lutheran University is a community of over four thousand people working and studying (1700 of them residing) within the borders of a 135-acre campus. While the campus is a relatively safe place to be, it is subject to many of the same problems that occur in the surrounding metropolitan area. This information is provided to assist you in making decisions and developing habits that will significantly reduce the possibility of you being a victim of crime, whether here at PLU or in the surrounding community.

PLU is a private institution, and as such reserves the right to limit the use of its grounds and facilities, as it deems appropriate. PLU in its entirety is restricted for use by PLU students, faculty, staff, authorized visitors, and guests. The general public may be granted a limited invitation to campus facilities for specific purposes such as athletic events, forums, concerts, conferences, etc. However, access to any university facility by any person or persons is strictly limited to those having legitimate legal business in that area or facility. The university reserves the right to limit access to any facility at any time without prior notice. All such access shall be contingent on adherence to all university policies and regulations regarding use of its grounds and facilities.

Community vigilance is always a great help in this regard. View our recent Restricted From Campus (trespassed) individuals. Requires ePass login.

Campus Safety will respond to reported crimes in progress. Safety officers are not armed and do not hold law enforcement authority. If the situation requires law enforcement response Campus Safety will initiate and facilitate that response.

PLU is located within a residential community that is bordered by a busy commercial thoroughfare.  To improve your level of personal safety you can use various crime prevention tactics.

  • Walk with friends when walking off campus.  Listen to your inner warning voice if you feel a situation is not normal or dangerous.
  • Make a call to Campus Safety if you feel another person is in danger, might not belong in your residence hall, or might be up to some mischief.  Most of the time your instincts will be correct, so act on them.
  • Do not prop open outside doors; close propped doors if you find them.
  • Always lock your own room, whether you are in it or not.
  • Don’t leave valuables in your car, especially in view.
  • When going out make a plan. Know how and when you will get back to campus. Let others know about your plans.

Many students live off campus within the surrounding community. PLU reminds students who are living or visiting others within the area to be Safe, Legal and Neighborly.

  • If you choose to attend a party, only go where you know the host and those attending.
  • If you choose to host a party, only admit those you know.
    • Provide water and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • If you choose to drink, drink in moderation.
  • Discourage “drinking games” as these tend to take people out of responsible drinking behavior.
  • Don’t share beverage containers.
  • Help each person maintain control over his/her behavior.
  • If there is a life/death emergency, call 911 immediately and indicate the nature of the emergency.  Then, call Campus Safety at x7911 (on-campus) or 253-535-7911 (off-campus) for additional assistance.

  • If serving alcohol, be sure everyone is of legal age.
  • Be sure no one charges for entrance, sells or takes “donations” for alcohol.
  • Use a designated driver who does not drink.
  • Cooperate with all law enforcement officials, including Campus Safety.
  • Avoid risking an MIP, DUI, or open container arrest.

  • Hold the party indoors (tarps that block the entrance or exit are illegal).
  • Let neighbors know in advance of your plans.
  • Be considerate of your neighbors’ property and sleep.
  • Clean up afterwards.