A Community Philosophy.

As a member of the PLU community, we assume that you possess an earnest purpose, the ability to exercise mature judgment, the ability to act in a responsible manner, a well-developed concept of and commitment to honor, morality and integrity, and a respect for law and the rights of others.

The university adopts only such policies, rules and regulations that seem necessary for the welfare of the educational community. Each student associated with PLU is expected to be familiar with and to follow all policies, rules and regulations promulgated by the university, as well as local, state and federal laws. Failure to abide by the policies, rules, and regulations may result in disciplinary action(s) outlined in the Student Conduct System.

Student Rights and Responsibilities (formerly Student Conduct) At A Glance

The Student Rights and Responsibilities system is part of Pacific Lutheran University’s commitment to holistic student development. It is the university’s purpose to assist students in:

  • developing a personal set of values and ethics;
  • managing emotions;
  • making decisions and following through on commitments;
  • becoming independent;
  • recognizing interdependence; and
  • accepting the consequences of personal actions and decisions.


New reporting forms have come online for Academic Dishonesty Reporting Form and Incident Reports. Please utilize these new online forms as they forward the report to the appropriate place to be handled in a timely fashion.

Although the Student Code of Conduct undergoes annual review, information contained within it is subject to change by PLU at anytime. Notice of such changes will be made via The Mast and/or email.

Members of the PLU campus community requesting changes to the Student Code of Conduct may do so through the officers of ASPLU or RHA, as a request to the Campus Life Committee of the Faculty, or directly with the Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students.

CHOICES Assessment


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