Office of the President

Creating a culture of sustainable and responsible citizenship.
PLU: A New American University. Taking your true calling and making a difference in the world.
Students get a surprise when the PLU president co-teaches a course in Caribbean Literature.

Welcome to Pacific Lutheran University

"PLU seeks to educate students for lives of thoughtful inquiry, service, leadership and care - for other people, for their communities, and for the earth."

This single statement of mission captures well the identity, strengths and purpose of Pacific Lutheran University.

As a university of the first rank, Pacific Lutheran University seeks to maximize the achievement of its mission and become an internationally renowned model of the New American University, integrating a distinctive liberal arts college with one of the Pacific Northwest's premier centers for professional education.

Our mission guides the work of the campus community as it has sustained our passion for the university's rich history and foundation in the traditions of Lutheran higher education.

PLU has achieved national and international prominence for being among the very best of its kind – for its commitment to helping students discover their calling in life, for providing especially robust international education and experiences, and for ensuring deeply engaged faculty-student collaborative research opportunities.

This passion for the university and its mission is rooted in a spirit among all Lutes that seeks not merely collaboration among divisions, schools, offices, alumni and friends, but real synergy.

In the months and years ahead, preserving that spirit and promoting that synergy will be the focus of the Office of the President in partnership with the entire campus community.