The Carol Sheffels Quigg Award for Excellence and Innovation provides support for faculty, staff and students at Pacific Lutheran University who demonstrate unusually inventive, original and creative approaches to advance the mission of the university.

The award is granted both in recognition of achievements and in support of proposals that advance knowledge; enhance teaching and learning; build a stronger, more vibrant university culture; improve administrative practice and/or demonstrate exceptional service to the community. The number and size of the awards are determined annually and generally range from $1,000 to $5,000.

The Donor. The Carol Sheffels Quigg Prize for Excellence and Innovation has been funded through a generous endowment gift from Carol Sheffels Quigg ’58, a former regent of the university. Her purpose in funding the award is to provide a continuing challenge to the PLU community to always seek new, fresh approaches to all that it does.

Eligibility. Any faculty, staff or student and any campus organization or group may be nominated or may apply.

Criteria. The award is made in recognition of unusually inventive, original and creative approaches to advance the mission of the university. For example, proposals for projects that would promote the purposeful integration of the liberal arts, professional studies, and civic engagement would be welcome. Faculty may nominate a student who is traveling on behalf of the University to attend an academic conference, present a research paper or poster. The award is for non-reimbursed travel expenses. The number and size of the Quigg Awards will vary each year and there may be years when no Awards are granted. The president of the university may make special discretionary disbursements from the award fund in support of extraordinary accomplishment or need that falls outside of the annual award competition.

Nominations/Applications. Nominations and applications should be addressed to the Office of the President. Established faculty, staff and student award advisory committees will review applications and recommend prize finalists to the president who will make the final selection. Applications or nominations for the award should include a letter describing the accomplishment, supporting peer testimonials and copies or excerpts for plans, presentations or publications related to the work.  Winners of the Carol Sheffels Quigg Prize for Excellence and Innovation are expected to provide a report to the President’s Office within twelve months time as to how the award dollars were spent and how it was used to enhance and improve the program for which the award was selected.


A call for nominations and applications for the award is distributed annually by the President’s Office,
and award winner(s) are recognized at the holiday luncheon in December.