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Academic Calendar

PLU’s current 4-1-4 calendar took effect in 1969-70.  There are two terms of 15 weeks (including finals week) surrounding a month-long term in January (‘J-term’).  The PLU Academic Calendar is approved by the Faculty Assembly each year.  Graduate programs may follow a different academic calendars, especially in summer.  Students must contact those programs for specific information.  These calendars are for planning purposes only.

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Dates and Deadlines

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Class Schedule Time Blocs

PLU’s daily class schedule was adopted in October 1993. 4-credit courses are offered in MWF, MW, or TR time blocks for 65- or 105-minutes, starting at 8:00am and ending 5:25pm. Evening classes are offered in 2 hour blocks, two times a week. Graduate programs may not adhere to this schedule strictly. The following document, Class Scheduling Time Blocs, is for planning purposes only.

Credit Hour Policy