International Honors Program: Where the classes challenge your mind and your assumptions

A unique approach to learning about the world, and about yourself

Students in PLU’s International Honors Program aren’t simply studying complex world issues. They are figuring out what they can do to begin to address, as an individual, some very complex issues.

The International Honors Program is a rigorous alternative to the General Education Program at Pacific Lutheran University. Rooted in the university’s emphasis on liberal arts education, International Honors consists of multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary courses that explore contemporary issues and their historical foundations through an integrated, multi-national approach.

In other words, problems and issues are reviewed through multiple disciplines.

International Honors, furthermore, asks students to consider the ways in which their unique interests and intellectual gifts can be of service to the common good.

Through broad and deep learning, students are challenged to consider their vocation as leaders within both local and international communities and thus the program embodies PLU’s educational mission of thoughtful inquiry, service to others, leadership in public life, and care for the earth’s diverse communities and natural resources.

Students who demonstrate an exemplary record of academic and service achievement are encouraged to apply to this competitive program.

Oxford Program

The Oxford program is designed for PLU Honor students to study away at Oxford University.


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Multidisciplinary approaches, historical and internationally focused study, intentional intellectual formation and ethical reflection, and the establishment of a cohesive learning community.