General Questions

What is the International Honors Program?

Lots of schools have honors programs. They are tough. They require a lot of work. They are limited to high achieving students, of which there are a lot of expectations. And in that way, PLU’s program is no different than others. There is, however, one key difference. What makes PLU’s program so unique is its interdisciplinary and international focus. The International Honors Program is a rigorous alternative to the General Education Program at PLU. Rooted in the university’s emphasis on liberal arts education, International Honors consists of interdisciplinary courses that explore contemporary issues and their historical foundations through an integrated, multi-national approach.

How do I apply?

Those students who would like to be evaluated for the International Honors Program application process must complete the separate online application form by February 15th. Honors Program faculty members will read applications and determine those admitted to the program.

How do I know if I'm eligible?

In order to be considered for admission to the International Honors Program students must be admitted to the University and complete a separate application form. Students with a 3.6 GPA and higher are encouraged to apply. There are two application phases for admission to the International Honors Program. Students may apply during either phase – either in December, or again in February.

If I drop the IHON program, how will my IHON credits transfer to the General Education program at PLU?

Should you desire to drop the IHON program, IHON credits transfer into the General Education program. Please see the director for the proper paperwork to execute such a change. At that meeting, the director will determine exactly where to place the IHON credits within the General Education program.

Class Specific Questions

How do you substitute a PLU Language 301 course (on campus) for an IHON 200-level course?

At the beginning of the semester, identify yourself as an IHON student to the Language 301 professor. The professor will make arrangements with you regarding special assignments for the course. See the IHON director for the proper paperwork for this credit substitution

How do you substitute a single course in a semester study away program for an IHON 200-level course?

Apply for the program of interest through the Wang Center and once accepted come see the IHON director for credit approval. The Wang Center will provide the necessary paperwork for the credit reassignment. If you are unsure if a particular program will count toward your IHON program, please see the director.

Is it possible for a J-term study away class to count toward IHON 200-level credit?

No. The study away substitution policy is restricted to selected semester programs.

When may I take the IHON 300-level class?

Students may enroll in the IHON 300-level class after having completed all four 200-level classes. The primary exception to this rule is: if you are enrolled in your fourth 200-level you may also take the 300-level in the same semester.

What courses in the General Education Program do I still need to take?

Inquiry Writing Seminar (FW, WR), First-Year January Term, Mathematical Reasoning (MR), Science and Scientific Method (SM), Alternative Perspectives (A), Cross-Cultural Perspectives (C), Capstone/s for individual major/s. Please note that you do NOT have to take the Inquiry Seminar 190. IHON 112 counts as a 190 course.