“Oxford snow scene” by Bike Jun, cropped, used under a Creative Commons license

IHON-Oxford Program

The PLU IHON-Oxford Program is located in Oxford, a small, culturally diverse city situated in the beautiful countryside of Oxfordshire. While it is not quite true that in Oxford, as the essayist William Hazlitt sarcastically noted, one is made wiser just by being surrounded by its “streets paved with the names of learning,” and “green quadrangles breath[ing] silence of thought,” the atmosphere of the city and the university are nevertheless inspiring for any student.

In the IHON-Oxford Program, the student has the opportunity to pursue a highly-individualized course of study through the world-renowned Oxford tutorial system, while also exploring place-based learning with two PLU faculty members. While at Oxford, program participants enjoy associated student status at Regent’s Park College, Oxford. As associated students, program participants have access to the Regent’s Park facility, including junior common room and social events, as well as to the daily ‘Dining Hall,’ where they can meet local students.

The focus of the program courses and study tours depends each year upon the expertise and interests of that particular year’s program site director, but might include subjects such as the philosophy of labor and work, global health, political theory, British literature, and migration studies




Interdisciplinary Program Highlight