70 Ways to Change Your Mind, Expand Your Horizons

The college experience is about getting involved. No other time in our lives are we saturated with so many diverse ideas, perspectives, lifestyles, and goals. Think about it: today you can be a Young Democrat only to become a College Republican tomorrow. You can feed your burgeoning interest in karate one night and learn to swing dance the next. PLU gives you many tools to get involved, see the perspectives of others and, in doing so, figure out your own perspectives. Clubs are a great way for you to branch out into areas previously uncharted, or altogether unexplored.

Lutes have a multitude of options and opportunities to become involved. You can lead a sea kayak trip, direct a television show, edit the literary magazine, try stand-up comedy or organize a lecture series. You can change the world by advocating for social justice or work side-by-side with faculty to implement earth-friendly practices on campus.

Some clubs are tailor-made to apply lessons from the classroom, such as the Investment Club, in which members meet weekly with business professors to invest real money in the Stock Market. Of course, there are clubs that allow you to recharge your spirit with others who share similar interests, belief systems or cultures, such as the Asian Pacific Islanders Club. PLU’s Diversity Center is a leader in connecting students with clubs that focus on exploring diverse cultures and subcultures.

PLU hosts an Involvement Fair each fall where students can learn about more than 70 clubs and organizations. The possibilities are limitless.

For the Lute getting started

We’ve made joining a club easy! Give yourself a few minutes to peruse our club listing and find out just which clubs sound like they’d be something you’d like to join. Email the leaders, advisor, and/or club email account to find out more information.

Didn’t find the club you’re looking for? We’ve also amassed our club creation resources. Learn how to turn those ideas into reality on the Starting a Club page.

For the Lute in the know

We’ve made managing your club easy. Instead of having to search through several different documents, now you can just explore the club listings, check out how to manage your account, how to program, and how to advertise, all from this web site. Be sure to also check back here throughout the year for updates and changes in information and policy.


Successful programs aren't born, but carefully crafted, thought out, and revised along the way.

Get Involved!

PLU has hundreds of opportunities that allow you to pursue an interest – even if it is something you’ve never done before.

Club and Organization Awards

Every year the Student Involvement and Leadership office recognize the outstanding contributions of student clubs or organizations to the PLU and Parkland communities.