Curriculum Management

The Registrar’s Office manages curriculum by declaring, and when necessary removing, students’ majors/minors/concentrations.  Ensuring students are declared in the appropriate curriculum is integral to the accuracy of their CAPP report.  The following forms are used to submit curriculum information.

Remove (drop) Curriculum Form

  • Submission of this form notifies the Registrar’s Office to remove curriculum (major/minor/concentration) from a student’s record.

CAPP Course Reuse Form

  • Submission of this form alerts the Registrar’s Office to manually edit a student’s CAPP report to appropriately reuse courses between majors/minors.

Secure Forms for Faculty Only

  • Curriculum Declaration Form (to declare major/minor/concentration)
  • Substitution/Exception/Waiver Form (for substitutions, waivers, and exceptions in majors and minors)

Declaring Your Major or Minor

Simply make an appointment with the chair of the department of the major/minor you wish to declare. The department chair will complete an electronic form that will notify the Registrar’s Office that you have been cleared to declare the major/minor. Within 3 business days, the new major/minor will be reflected on your Banner Web account.