Payment and Appeals

Payment of Parking Tickets

  • Please present the parking ticket and make payment at the Old Main Market in the Anderson University Center.
  • You can also pay for your parking ticket online by clicking
  • Payments may be made with cash, bank/credit card, check, or LuteBuck$.
  • Tickets paid within 24 hours of issuance are eligible for a 50% reduction of fine. Non-reducible fines include carpool space and charging station violations and disabled parking without appropriate documentation.
  • Payment after one business day but less than 10 business days results in the assessed fine being charged.
  • After 10 business days, payment or billing of parking ticket fines will have a $10.00 administrative fee included.
  • Students: Unpaid fines will be assessed to student accounts.
  • Employees: Unpaid fines will be directed to Payroll for payroll deduction. Unregistered vehicles parked in university parking lots with unresolved fines are subject to impound.

Appealing Parking Tickets

You have the right to appeal a PLU parking ticket to the Appeals Board. The appeals form can be accessed here.

  • Appeal forms must be completed within 7 days of the ticket issue date.
  • Failure to appeal within the allotted time results in loss of the right to appeal.
  • Tickets that are submitted for appeal are not eligible for the next business day 50% off reduction.
  • If your ticket is downgraded or rejected by the Appeals Board and you do not pay the ticket by the date given, it will be billed to your student account for the original price of the ticket plus a $10 admin fee.
  • Student tickets and Employee tickets will not be voided out at the Campus Safety office. You will need to submit an Appeal request. Your request will then be up for review.

Appeals are reviewed about once a month. 

For more information about parking appeals, please email

Ticket Information

PLU Tickets:

Failure to Register for Decal - Vehicle is not registered with PLU Campus Safety and parked in a PLU lot. $80
Failure to Display Decal - Vehicle is registered but not displaying a decal while parked in a PLU lot.$30
Improperly Placed Decal - Decal is not located in or has moved from the lower left hand side of the front windshield, or the numbers on the bottom of the decal are not visible/readable.$20
Multiple Decals Displayed - Only current school year decal may be displayed on inside bottom driver's side windshield. Any previous decals need to be removed from windshield.$20
Parked in unauthorized lot - Parking in a lot that is not authorized for the vehicle's decal.$40
Non-Space - Vehicle is parked in an area that is not a designated parking space.$40
Seeded Area - Vehicle is parked in a seeded / grass area.$40
Parked in Handicapped space with out appropriate documentation - Vehicle is parked in a marked handicap space with no valid placard. (Non-Reducible)$100
Parked in a carpool space without required carpool pass. (Non-Reducible)$60
Time Limit Expired on Timed Space.$40
Improper Parking.$40
Expired Parking Pass$20
Parked in a charging station while not connected. (Non-Reducible)$60

The registered owner or associated student/staff member is responsible for any tickets issued to a vehicle, regardless of who was operating the vehicle when the violation occurred.

Washington State and Pierce County tickets:

Campus Safety is authorized and commissioned by the local Sheriff’s Department to write tickets that are adjudicated through Pierce County District Court #1 (referred to by PLU Campus Safety as “County tickets”) within the vicinity of the University. These tickets cannot be appealed at PLU through Campus Safety. All inquiries must be directed to Pierce County District Court as explained on the back of the infraction. The RCW’s (Revised Code of Washington) pertaining to parking on county roads can be found here: 46.61.560 – 46.61.590. Parking regulations enacted by Pierce County through the Pierce County Code can be found here: PCC Title 10.

Parking in a handicap space without displaying the required placard, card or plate$450
Parking on a roadway.$30
Parking on the street side of a parked vehicle (double parking).$20
Parking on a sidewalk or street planting strip.$20
Parking on or within 20 feet of a marked / unmarked crosswalk / intersection.$20
Parking in front of, or within 5 feet of, a public or private driveway.$20
Parking in front of, or within 15 feet of, a fire hydrant.$20
Parking in front of, or within 30 feet of, a stop sign, flashing signal, or other traffic control device.$20
Parking where official signs and/or pavement markings prohibit parking or stopping, standing or parking.$20
Parking within a intersection or blocking the view of other traffic at an intersection.$20
Parking with right-side wheel(s) more the 12 inches from the curb or failing to parallel park, unless otherwise posted.$20
Parking opposite the flow of traffic on a two way road.$20
Parking within 15 feet of a curbside mailbox on a regularly scheduled mail day between the hours of 10am - 3pm$25
Parking in a charging station while not connected. $124

Curb Color Codes

Red Fire Lane, no parking any time
Yellow Loading Zone, temporary parking for actively loading/unloading only
Blue Disabled Parking, state permit required