“What if people of all faiths and traditions worked together to promote the common good for all?  What if once again, young people led the way?  Across the country, Muslims and Hindus, Jews and Christians, Buddhists and non-religious, are coming together in a movement of interfaith cooperation.  They are proving that the 21st century can be defined by cooperation between diverse communities instead of conflict.  Read more. Get involved.  Let’s prove we are better together.” – ifyc.org

What Interfaith Means at PLU

As a Lutheran university, PLU welcomes students, faculty, and staff from many Christian communions and other faith traditions as well as those who claim no religious or spiritual affiliation. Rooted in the Reformation call to intellectual humility and the freedom to explore and study every dimension of life and faith, the university invites students, faculty, and staff to engage and support it’s mission to educate students for lives of thoughtful inquiry, service, leadership, and care – for others, for their communities, and for the earth. This mission arises out of the Lutheran reform movement and is rooted in an intellectual, spiritual, and reforming core that continues to benefit from the religious  pluralism that is increasingly found on our campus. Interfaith at PLU brings together students from many religious faiths in seeking to:

  • Enrich and support the religious and spiritual affections and affiliations of university members, a support that clearly welcomes diversity and encourages mutual respect;
  • Nurture the spiritual lives of various individuals and groups within the university; and
  • Promote and protect religious freedom, dialogue and understanding between religious communities, and the affirmation of the fundamental dignity of all persons who study, administer, support, and teach at this university.

Interfaith Literacy Quiz

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Interfaith Calendar

Holy days from diverse faith and cultural backgrounds


Recent interfaith events include the winter Celebration of Light, a Passover Seder and the creation of a Multi-Faith Meditation and Prayer Space.

If you are interested in any of these events or have questions about Interfaith, you can email the Campus Ministry Office at cmin@plu.edu.