CMin Events&Programs

Weekly Campus Ministry Events & Programs

Monday Chapel  BreakSpiritual Practices in Community – a guided exploration of spiritual practices and reflection with others (in partnership with Wild Hope Center for Vocation), (Located in Ness Family Chapel), (10:30-11:00am)

Wednesday Chapel BreakUniversity Chapel – rooted in Lutheran traditions with chapel choir, music, prayer, speakers (Located in Ness Family Chapel), (10:30-11:00am)

Thursday Yarn Group – A partnership between PLU Campus Ministry and Trinity Lutheran church. Intergenerational crafts and conversation! (Located at Trinity Lutheran Church), (3:45-5pm)

Fridays Chapel BreakPrayers for the World – spoken and sung prayers for our community and world (in partnership with Trinity Lutheran), Located at Red Square), (10:30-11:00am)


Spring 2024 Programs

Monthly Community Meals – come to share a meal with our neighbors from PLU, Trinity, and Parkland.  Meals are 2nd Thursdays from 5-6:30pm at Trinity Lutheran.  We also need many volunteers!   Volunteer opportunities on Wednesday and Thursday each month.  This is a partnership between PLU and Trinity Lutheran Church.

Friday March 15, 10:30-11:00am – Holi: Festival of Colors – For Chapel Break, come celebrate Holi!  Holi is a celebration of colors and a time to welcome spring. Holi is celebrated primarily in India and Nepal and by Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs.  Join us for learning, music, crafts, and treats!  KHP porch.