PODCAST: Because We’re Lutheran Series

Hosted by university pastor Jen Rude, “Because We’re Lutheran” will explore the ins and outs of Lutheranism and the principles of Lutheran higher education: what that concept means, what it looks like and how it impacts students, staff and faculty alike at PLU.

Each episode will feature one or more guests from the campus community, and will focus on big topics as seen and experienced through the lens of PLU’s faith community.

Episode 1

In the first episode of “Because We’re Lutheran,” Pacific Lutheran University Pastor Jen Rude discusses spiritual journeys and faith traditions with two non-Lutheran PLU graduates.

Episode 2

Pastor Jen Rude sits down with PLU Chair of Lutheran Studies Marit Trelstad to discuss Lutheran higher education and why it matters.

Episode 3

Pastor Jen Rude sits down with Pacific Lutheran University students Emily Shane and Alex Lund to discuss faith formation at a Lutheran university, and how their own faith paths have changed while being a part of Lutheran higher education.

Episode 4

Pastor Jen Rude sits down with PLU Acting President Allan Belton and University Provost Joanna Gregson to discuss the university’s Lutheran identity, their roles on campus and what it means to work here, how they themselves identify spiritually, and the paths they’ve taken to discover their vocations.