Literature (LT)

CHIN 371Chinese Literature in Translation - C, LT
CLAS 231Masterpieces of European Literature - LT
CLAS 350Classical and Comparative Mythology - LT
ENGL 213Topics in Literature: Themes and Authors - LT
ENGL 214Introduction to Major Literary Genres - LT
ENGL 216Topics in Literature: Emphasis on Cross Cultural Perspectives - C, LT
ENGL 217Topics in Literature: Emphasis on Alternative Perspectives - A, LT
ENGL 231Masterpieces of European Literature - LT
ENGL 232Women's Literature - A, LT
ENGL 233Post-Colonial Literature - C, LT
ENGL 234Environmental Literature - LT
ENGL 235Children's Literature - LT
ENGL 241American Traditions in Literature - LT
ENGL 251British Traditions in Literature - LT
ENGL 301Shakespeare - LT
ENGL 334Special Topics in Children's Literature - LT
ENGL 335Fairy Tales and Fantasy - LT
ENGL 341Feminist Approaches to Literature - A, LT
ENGL 342American Ethnic Literatures - A, LT
ENGL 343Post Colonial Literature and Theory - C, LT
ENGL 345Special Topics in Literature and Difference - A or C, LT
ENGL 351English Medieval Literature - LT
ENGL 353Renaissance Literature - LT
ENGL 355Special Topics in Literature Before 1660 - LT
ENGL 361British Literature 1660-1800 - LT
ENGL 362British Literature 1800-1914 - LT
ENGL 363British Literature, 1914-1945 - LT
ENGL 364British Literature, 1945 to the Present - LT
ENGL 365Special Topics in Literature Before 1914 - LT
ENGL 371American Literature Before 1860 - LT
ENGL 372American Literature, 1860-1914 - LT
ENGL 373American Literature, 1914-1945 - LT
ENGL 374American Literature, 1945 to Present - LT
ENGL 375Special Topics in Literature, 1914 to Present - LT
ENGL 451Seminar: Major Authors - LT, SR
ENGL 452Seminar: Theme, Genre - LT, SR
FREN 401Early Modern French Literature - C, LT
FREN 402Modern French Literature - C, LT
FREN 403Contemporary French Literature - C, LT
FREN 404(Post) Colonial Francophone Literature - C, LT
GERM 423Topics in German Literature and Culture I - C, LT
GERM 424Topics in German Literature and Culture II - C, LT
HISP 325Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies - C, LT
HISP 341The Latino Experiences in the U.S. - A, LT
HISP 421Masterpieces of Spanish Literature - C, LT
HISP 42220th-Century Literature of Spain - C, LT
HISP 423Special Topics in Spanish Literature & Culture - C, LT
HISP 431Latin American Literature 1492 to 1888 - C, LT
HISP 43220th-Century Latin American Literature - C, LT
HISP 441U.S. Latino Literature - A, LT
LANG 271Literature Around the World - LT
SCAN 241Scandinavian Folklore - LT
SCAN 341Topics in Scandinavian Literature - LT
SCAN 422Modernity and Its Discontents - LT

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