Natural Sciences, Computer Science, or Mathematics (NS)

Note: May or may not have a lab section that is associated with the GenEd Element.
BIOL 111Biology and the Modern World - NS, SM
BIOL 116Introductory Ecology - NS, SM
BIOL 201Introductory Microbiology - NS, SM
BIOL 205Human Anatomy and Physiology I - NS, SM
BIOL 206Human Anatomy and Physiology II - NS, SM
BIOL 225Molecules, Cells, and Organisms - NS, SM
BIOL 226Genes, Evolution, Diversity, and Ecology - NS, SM
BIOL 387Special Topics in Biology - NS
CHEM 104Environmental Chemistry - NS, SM
CHEM 105Chemistry of Life - NS, SM
CHEM 115General Chemistry I - NS, SM
CHEM 116General Chemistry II - NS, SM
CHEM 342Physical Chemistry - NS, SM
CSCE 115Solve It With the Computer - MR, NS
CSCE 120Computerized Information Systems - NS
CSCE 131Introduction to Engineering - NS
CSCE 144Introduction to Computer Science - NS
CSCE 190FYEP190: Privacy and Technology - NS
ENVT 104Conservation of Natural Resources - NS, SM
GEOS 102General Oceanography - NS, SM
GEOS 103Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Geologic Hazards - NS, SM
GEOS 104Conservation of Natural Resources - NS, SM
GEOS 105Meteorology - NS, SM
GEOS 106Geology of National Parks - NS
GEOS 107Global Climate Changes - NS
GEOS 109The Geology of Energy - NS, SM
GEOS 201Geologic Principles - NS, SM
GEOS 328Paleontology - NS, SM
MATH 105Mathematics of Personal Finance - MR, NS
MATH 107Mathematical Explorations - MR, NS
MATH 115College Algebra and Trigonometry - MR, NS
MATH 123Modern Elementary Mathematics I: Number Sense and Algebraic Sense - MR, NS
MATH 124Modern Elementary Mathematics II: Measurement, Geometric Sense, Statistics and Probability - MR, NS
MATH 128Linear Models and Calculus, An Introduction - MR, NS
MATH 140Precalculus - MR, NS
MATH 145Statistics for Biologists - MR, NS
MATH 151Introduction to Calculus - MR, NS
MATH 152Calculus II - MR, NS
MATH 203History of Mathematics - NS
MATH 242Introduction to Mathematical Statistics - NS
MATH 245Discrete Structures - NS
MATH 253Multivariable Calculus - NS
MATH 317Introduction to Proof in Mathematics
MATH 321Geometry - NS
MATH 331Linear Algebra - NS
MATH 351Differential Equations - NS
MATH 356Numerical Analysis - NS
NSCI 210Natural History of Hawaii - NS, SM
PHYS 110Astronomy - NS, SM
PHYS 125College Physics I - NS, SM
PHYS 126College Physics II - NS, SM
PHYS 153General Physics I - NS, SM
PHYS 154General Physics II - NS, SM
PHYS 210Musical Acoustics - NS, SM
STAT 145Statistics for Biologists MR, NS

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