Physical Education Activity (PE)

DANC 222Jazz Dance Level I - PE
DANC 240Dance Ensemble - PE
KINS 319Tramping the Tracks of New Zealand - PE
KINS 362Healing Arts of the Mind and Body - A, PE
PHED 100Personalized Fitness Program - PE
PHED 150Adaptive Physical Activity - PE
PHED 151Beginning Golf - PE
PHED 155Bowling - PE
PHED 162Beginning Tennis - PE
PHED 163Beginning Badminton - PE
PHED 164Pickleball - PE
PHED 165Racquetball/Squash - PE
PHED 170Skiing - PE
PHED 173Mountaineering - PE
PHED 175Snowboarding - PE
PHED 177Weight Training - PE
PHED 182Low Impact Aerobics - PE
PHED 183Power Aerobics - PE
PHED 186Step Aerobics - PE
PHED 188Boot Camp Conditioning - PE
PHED 192Intermediate Tennis - PE
PHED 197Advanced Weight Training - PE
PHED 200Individual Swim Instruction - PE
PHED 201Swimming for Non-Swimmers - PE
PHED 205Skin & Scuba Diving - PE
PHED 207Basic Sailing - PE
PHED 212Conditioning Swimming - PE
PHED 216Lifeguard Training - PE
PHED 222Jazz Dance Level I - PE
PHED 223Yoga - PE
PHED 224Salsa and Swing Dance - PE
PHED 225Ballroom Dance - PE
PHED 234Relaxation Techniques - PE
PHED 240Dance Ensemble - PE
PHED 241Co-Ed Basketball - PE
PHED 244Co-Ed Volleyball - PE
PHED 248World Games and Sports - PE
PHED 250Directed Sports - PE
PHED 276Special Topics in Physical Activity - PE

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