Social Sciences (SO)

ANTH 102Introduction to Human Cultural Diversity - C, SO
ANTH 103Introduction to Archaeology and World Prehistory - SO
ANTH 104Introduction to Language in Society - SO
ANTH 192Practicing Anthropology: Makah Culture Past and Present - A, SO
ANTH 210Global Perspectives: The World in Change - C, SO
ANTH 220Peoples of the World - SO
ANTH 225Past Cultures of Washington State - A, SO
ANTH 230Peoples of the Northwest Coast - A, SO
ANTH 330Cultures and Peoples of Native North America - A, SO
ANTH 332Prehistory of North America - SO
ANTH 334The Anthropology of Contemporary America - A, SO
ANTH 335The Aztecs, Mayans and Their Predecessors - C, SO
ANTH 336Peoples of Latin America - C, SO
ANTH 337Culture and Prehistory of Central Mexico - C, SO
ANTH 338Jewish Culture - A, SO
ANTH 340The Anthropology of Africa - C, SO
ANTH 342Pacific Island Cultures - C, SO
ANTH 343East Asian Cultures - C, SO
ANTH 345Contemporary China - C, SO
ANTH 350Women and Men in World Cultures - C, SO
ANTH 352The Anthropology of Age - C, SO
ANTH 360Ethnic Groups - A, SO
ANTH 365Prehistoric Environment and Technology: Lab Methods in Archaeology - SO
ANTH 368Edible Landscapes, The Foraging Spectrum - C, SO
ANTH 370The Archaeology of Ancient Empires - C, SO
ANTH 376Nation, State and Citizen - C, SO
ANTH 380Sickness, Madness and Health - C, SO
ANTH 385Marriage, Family and Kinship - C, SO
ANTH 387Special Topics in Anthropology - SO
ANTH 392Gods, Magic and Morals - C, SO
ANTH 465Archaeology: The Field Experience - SO
ECON 101Principles of Microeconomics - SO
ECON 102Principles of Macroeconomics - SO
ECON 111Principles of Microeconomics: Global and Environmental - SO
ECON 315Investigating Environmental and Economic Change in Europe - SO
ECON 321Labor Economics - SO
ECON 322Money and Banking - SO
ECON 323Health Economics - SO
ECON 327Public Finance - SO
ECON 341Strategic Behavior - SO
ECON 345Mathematical Topics in Economics - SO
HIST 107Western Civilizations - SO
HIST 108Western Civilizations - SO
HIST 109East Asian Societies - C, SO
HIST 190FYEP190: Inquiry Seminar - SO
HIST 210Global Perspectives: The World in Change - C, SO
HIST 215Modern World History - C, SO
HIST 220Modern Latin American History - C, SO
HIST 227The Vikings - SO
HIST 231World War Two in China and Japan, 1931-1945 - C, SO
HIST 232Tibet in Fact and Fiction - C, SO
HIST 245American Business and Economic History, 1607-1877 - SO
HIST 247American Business and Economic History, 1877-Present - SO
HIST 251Colonial American History - SO
HIST 25219th Century U.S. History - SO
HIST 25320th-Century U.S. History - SO
HIST 288Special Topics in History - SO
HIST 289Special Topics in History - SO
POLS 101Introduction to Politics - SO
POLS 151American Government - SO
POLS 170Introduction to Legal Studies - SO
POLS 210Global Perspectives: The World in Change - C, SO
POLS 231Current International Issues - SO
POLS 322Scandinavia and World Issues - SO
POLS 325Political Thought - SO
POLS 326Recent Political Thought - SO
POLS 331International Relations - SO
POLS 332International Conflict Resolution - SO
POLS 338American Foreign Policy - SO
POLS 345Government and Public Policy - SO
POLS 346Environmental Politics and Policy - SO
POLS 347Political Economy - SO
POLS 353US Citizenship and Ethnic Relations - A, SO
POLS 354State and Local Government - SO
POLS 361Political Parties and Elections - SO
POLS 363Politics and the Media - SO
POLS 364The Legislative Process - SO
POLS 371Judicial Process - SO
POLS 372Constitutional Law - SO
POLS 373Civil Rights and Civil Liberties - SO
POLS 374Legal Studies Research - SO
POLS 380Politics of Global Development - SO
POLS 383Modern European Politics - SO
POLS 384Scandinavian Government and Politics - SO
POLS 385Canadian Government and Politics - SO
POLS 386The Middle East - C, SO
POLS 401Workshops and Special Topics - SO
POLS 431Advanced International Relations - SO
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology - SO
SCAN 227The Vikings - SO
SCAN 322Scandinavia and World Issues - SO
SOCI 101Introduction to Sociology - A, SO
SOCI 232Research Methods - SO
SOCI 240Social Problems - A, SO
SOCI 296Social Stratification - A, SO
SOCI 332Race and Ethnicity - A, SO
SOCI 387Special Topics in Sociology - SO
SOCI 391Sociology of Religion - SO
SOCI 440Gender and Society - A, SO
SOCW 101Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare - A, SO
SOCW 175January on the Hill - A, SO
SOCW 245Human Behavior and the Social Environment - SO
SOCW 250Social Policy I: History of Social Welfare - SO

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