Catalog 2013-2014

Masters of Arts - Marriage and Family Therapy (M.A.)



Applicants who have a degree in family studies, human services, psychology, sociology, social work, or the equivalent have met any program prerequisites. Applicants who do not have a degree in any of these areas are required to complete a minimum of 15 semester hours (22.5 quarter hours) in family social sciences, human services, psychology, sociology, or social work.


The MFTH program is looking for individuals who have professional goals consistent with the program, volunteer or professional experience in the social services, the ability to handle the academic rigor of the program, and the personal qualities required of couple and family therapists. Our goal is to have a student body highly diverse in spirituality, age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and also inclusive of international students. To be considered for admission, applicants must: have a bachelor’s degree, submit transcripts of all undergraduate work, have a specific interest in MFTH, provide a current résumé, obtain two letters of recommendation, complete an application, and prepare a career statement.

The comprehensive career statement (maximum of five double-spaced typed pages) should address the following questions:

  • What significant cultural experiences have most influenced your present development and your desire to be a couple and family therapist?
  • What are your professional career goals after completing your degree?
  • What are your strengths that will help you achieve your professional goals?
  • What do you consider to be areas for personal growth that may need the most attention during your training as a therapist at Pacific Lutheran University?

This statement replaces the required goal statement on the application form.

Based on a committee review of applicants’ written materials, a pool of applicants to be interviewed is established. The primary purpose of the interview is to determine the fit between the applicants’ professional goals and the purpose and mission of the MFTH program.

Application Deadline for Fall

Application file completed in Office of Admission: January 31 Interview Notification: Mid-February through end of April. Interview date: To be determined.

Advance Deposit

Accepted applicants must make a non-refundable $300 advanced tuition deposit to confirm their acceptance of an offer of admission within three weeks of their acceptance date.

Degree Requirements
47 semester hours
  • MFTH 500: Human Development (4)
  • MFTH 503: Systems Approach to Marriage and Family Therapy (4)
  • MFTH 504: Family Development (4)
  • MFTH 505: Research Methods in Marriage and Family Therapy (3)
  • MFTH 507: Comparative Marriage and Family Therapy (4)
  • MFTH 510: Human Sexuality, Sex Therapy, and Couples Therapy(4)
  • MFTH 511: Psychosocial Pathology: Relationship to Marriage and Family Therapy (4)
  • MFTH 512: Professional Studies in Marriage and Family Therapy (4)
  • MFTH 519: Practicum I (2)
  • MFTH 520: Theory I (2)
  • MFTH 521: Practicum II (2)
  • MFTH 522: Theory II (2)
  • MFTH 523: Practicum III (2)
  • MFTH 524: Theory III (2)
  • MFTH 525: Practicum IV (2)
  • MFTH 526: Development of a Personal Integrated Theory (2)
  • Elective
    • MFTH 527: Extended Practicum V (2)
    • MFTH 590: Graduate Seminar (1 to 4)
    • MFTH 599: Thesis (4)