Catalog 2013-2014


253.535.7699 (Economics, Psychology, and Sociology)
253.535.7400 (Mathematics)

Statistics (STAT), a branch of applied mathematics, studies the methodology for the collection and analysis of data and the use of data to make inferences under conditions of uncertainty. Statistics plays a fundamental role in the social and natural sciences, as well as in business, industry, and government.

The Statistics Program is offered cooperatively by the Departments of Economics, Mathematics, Psychology, and Sociology. The program is administered by an Interdisciplinary Statistics Committee headed by the Statistics Program director, who is appointed by the dean of the Division of Social Sciences. The statistics minor is administered by the Department of Mathematics. Students interested in a statistics minor are encouraged to discuss course selection with a statistics faculty member from any discipline.

16 semester hours, including:
  • CSCE 120 or 144
  • STAT 231 or 232 or 233 or MATH/STAT 242
  • At least 8 additional hours of statistics selected from:
    • BUSA 467, ECON 344, PSYC 242, MATH/STAT 342, MATH/STAT 348.
      (Additional courses may be approved by the chair of the Department of Mathematics.)