New Faculty Orientation Office

New Faculty Orientation


Steven P. Starkovich

Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor of Physics

Office 253-535-7126

Samuel Torvend

Professor of Religion, PLU Professor in Lutheran Studies

Office 253-535-8106

Lisa Henderson

Director of Academic Budgeting and Planning, Office of the Provost

Office 253-535-8648

LeAnn Evey

Senior Administrative Associate, Office of the Provost

Office 253-535-7129

Jan Lewis

Associate Provost for Curriculum, Professor of Instructional Development and Leadership

Office 253-535-7283

Carol Bautista

Faculty Governance Coordinator, Office of the Provost

Office 253-535-8312

Anna Leon-Guerrero

Professor of Sociology

Office 253-535-7559


Wendy Shore

Professor of Psychology and Chair of the Faculty

Office 253-535-8348

Teri Phillips

Director of Human Resources

Office 253-535-7187

Sue Liden

Manager, Office of Finance and Operations

Office 253-535-7116

Hal DeLaRosby

Director, Office of Academic Advising

Office 253-535-8259

Layne Nordgren

Director of User Services, Instructional Technologies

Office 253-535-7197

Laree Winer

Senior Associate to the Vice President, Student Life Office

Office 253-535-7192

Kris Plaehn


Office 253-535-7615

Ginger Peck

Director of Auxiliary Services

Office 253-535-7885

Fran Lane Rasmus

Associate Professor, Director of Technical Services

Office 253-535-7141

Brianne Sorensen

Textbook Buyer

Office 253-535-7666