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C A M P A I G N     U P D A T E

Campaign Donors

What follows is recognition of Make A Lasting Difference campaign donors based on the face value of their giving. Face value includes the current value of all future (deferred) commitments, as well as cash gifts and pledges.

H = Heritage Society
Q = Q Club
L = Lifetime Giving Society
* = This commitment includes a revocable future gift
(dec.) = recently deceased

"To err is human..." This campaign-to-date report is based on the information in our records as of December 31, 1996. We regret any omissions or errors, and would appreciate your notifying us of any problems by calling 1-800-258-6758, or e-mail alumni@plu.edu.

Q Club
Q Club membership provides the core of scholarship support at PLU. With a minimum contribution of $300 annually, one can join this gathering of dedicated friends whose mission is to provide assistance to deserving students as they prepare for lives of service through a Pacific Lutheran University education.

Heritage Society
Members of the Heritage Society are those individuals who have included Pacific Lutheran University in some type of deferred gift, bequest, charitable trust, revocable trust, charitable gift annuity, life insurance, pooled income fund agreement, or a gift of a residence or farm with retained life estate. Membership is not based on the amount of the deferred gift. The sole criterion is the remembrance of Pacific Lutheran University in one's estate planning.

Lifetime Giving Society
The Lifetime Giving Society recognizes an extraordinary group of donors who have given faithfully and consistently over time to sustain and support Pacific Lutheran University. Lifetime giving includes the total of recorded gifts and current pledges of cash, securities, real estate, and appreciated property, and includes the charitable value of irrevocable planned gifts. These totals do not include revocable deferred gifts or gifts to KPLU.

$1,000,000 AND ABOVE

1 Anonymous
Gerald and Linda Evanson L,H,Q,*
Arthur and Jennie Hansen L,H,Q,*
Kenneth and Joyce Hartvigson, Jr. L,H,Q,*
Richard and Connie Hildahl L,H,*
Estate of Erna Jorgensen L
James and Karen Lincoln H,*
Donald and Wanda Morken L,H,Q,*
Estate of Edward Ramsdale L
William and Janet Rogers H,*
Mary B. Russell L, H
Rikka and Eric Stewart H,Q,*
Donald and Edith Strandness L,H,Q,*

$500,000 TO $999,999

1 Anonymous
Gary and Sylvia Baughn L,H,Q,*
O. Jurgis Bendikas L,H,Q
Lawrence and Kimberlea Green L,Q,*
Independent Colleges of Washington
Ty (dec.) and Anne Long L,H,Q,*
Lutheran Brotherhood L
Mentor Graphics Corporation L
Microsoft Corporation L
Richard and Marcia Moe L,H,Q,*
Scott and Evelyn Names L,Q
Larry Neeb L,H,Q,*
Russell D. Nelson Trust L
John and Shirley Oakley L,H,Q,*
Knut Olson and Kimberly Morter-Olson H,Q,*
Betty Svare Parrott H,*
Estate of Rena V. Pellegrini L
Richard Svare H,Q,*

$250,000 TO $499,999

3 Anonymous
Rodney and Suzanne Albertson L,H
John and Mildred Dean L,H
Mark and Kathleen DesVoigne H,*
Richard and Leila Ellingson L,H
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
George and Carlotta Flink H,Q,*
The Gottfried and Mary Fuchs Foundation L,Q
Theodore and Doreen Johnson L,H,Q,*
Gordon and Alice Kayser L,H,Q,*
Victor and Margaret Knutzen L,H,Q,*
The Kresge Foundation L
William and Michelle Krippaehne, Jr. L,H,Q,*
Jon H. Kvinsland L,H,Q,*
Estate of Thea La Ville L
The Lagerquist Family L,Q
The Glenn Lee Family L
Kimberly T. Mooneyham H,*
M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust L
Marvin Pennington H,*
Melville and Dorothy Rue H,*
George and Jane Russell L,Q
Harold R. Snodgrass L,H,*
Scott and Sherith Squires H,*
John Weswig and Janis Bradford H,*
Donald and Kim Wilson L,H,Q,*

$100,000 TO $249,999

2 Anonymous
ALTERA Corporation L
Aid Association for Lutherans L
Allenmore Medical Foundation L,Q
Charles Anderson L,Q
David and Lynne Bangsund L,H,Q,*
Brian Berg and Joyce Avery L,H,Q,*
The Boeing Company L
Ed and Angela Brannfors L,H,Q,*
Paul and Leslie Brantner H,*
Jennifer Meyer Brown and Jeffrey Brown H,Q,*
Charles E. Culpeper Foundation L
Ben B. Cheney Foundation L,Q
Estate of Walter Christensen L
W. Powell Cone L,H,*
Gregory Ennis H,Q,*
Gerald and Grace Faaren L,H,Q,*
Phylaine Folson L,H
Maria Hageness L
Mrs. Frank Haley L,H,Q
IBM International Foundation L
Frank and Sandra Jennings L,H,Q,*
Bertil and Pearl Johnson L
Wilbert and Jeanette Koch L,H,Q,*
Ben A. and Annie McCracken L,H
Estate of Harold and Sylvia Nelson L
Burton and Jean Nesset L,H,Q,*
Ellis and Patricia Odberg L,H,Q
Mark and Laura Polcyn H,Q,*
William and Doris Rea L,Q
Kerstin Ringdahl H,Q,*
Beatrice L. Scheele L,H,Q,*
Randal and Ila Shipley H,Q,*
Estate of Margaret Shipley L
The Steele-Reese Foundation L
Doris G. Stucke L,H,Q
Estate of Doris and Leon Titus L
Arthur and Betty Vingerud L,H

$50,000 TO $99,999

2 Anonymous
Daniel and Anne Alsaker L,H,Q,*
Ameritech Library Services L
Estate of Hazel Anderson L
Loren J. and MaryAnn Anderson L,H,Q,*
Thomas and Kathryn Anderson L,Q
Jerry and Elaine Armstrong L
Virginia Benson L,H,*
David and Carolee Berntsen L,H,Q,*
Marvin and Beverlee Bolland L,H,Q,*
Estate of Vanda Bortell L
Bulend and Rebecca Burad L,H,Q,*
Estate of Mary Burchak L
Beth Davis H,Q,*
First Interstate Bank and Foundation L
Estate of Jeanette Fowler
Norman and Jackie Hagen L,H
Thomas and Tyne Haukebo Q,*
Curt and Nola Hovland L,H,Q,*
Robert and Marjorie Howard L,H,Q,*
Herbert B. Jones Foundation L
Estate of Theodore O.H. and Elizabeth Karl
KeyBank L
William Kilworth Foundation L
Einer (dec.) and Ruby Knutzen L,Q
Kon Tiki Museum L
Harry Lang L,H,Q
Edgar and Betty Larson L,H,Q,*
Richard and Kathleen Mueller L,Q
PLU Women's Club L,Q
Estate of Mars and Verna Rolfson L
M. Sterling and Inga Rygg L,H,Q
Southwestern Washington Synod, ELCA L
Estate of Astrid and William Stancer L
Otto and Shirley Stevens L,H,Q,*
Thomas and Lorraine Thompson L
Clifford and Ronni Tvedten L
Christy Ulleland L,H,Q,*
Union Pacific Foundation L
Doc and Lucille Weathers Trust L

$25,000 TO $49,999

2 Anonymous
Albina Fuel L
Jimmie Alford L,H,Q,*
B. Eldon and Marjory Anderson L,Q
Algot Andreasson Trust L
Neal and Joyce Arntson L,Q
David G. Aubrey H,Q,*
Ronald Barensten H,*
Paul and Margaret Benton L,Q
Richard and Olive (dec.) Blandau L,H,Q
Jan Brazzell and Wolfgang Opitz L,H,Q,*
Neil and Mary Bryant L,H,Q,*
Erhardt and Virginia Buchfinck L,H,Q
Ernest and Ruth Collard L,H,Q,*
Paul Collard H,*
J. Walter and Clara Davis L,H,Q
Judd and Nancy Doughty H,Q,*
Eastern Washington and Idaho Synod, ELCA L
John and Virginia Edlund L,H,Q,*
F. Talmage and Mary Edman L,H,Q,*
W. Larry and Janice Eichler L,Q
Guy and Brenda Ellison H,Q,*
Carl and Marilyn Erickson L,H
Fisher Broadcasting Inc. L
Estate of Julian Foss L
Estate of Martha Fox L
James and Judith Gates L,Q
Roger and Martha Gebhard L,Q
John M. Gilbertson Trust L
Edna Gorder L
Gene and Esther Grant L,Q
Ronald and Melissa Grewenow L,H,Q
Ernest Gulsrud L,H
Estate of Muriel Gulsrud L
Roe and Beverly Hatlen L,H,Q
J. Reynold (dec.) and Nordis Jacobson L,H
Lyle (dec.) and Iris Jacobson L,H,Q
R. James Lane L
Lutheran Brotherhood, Seattle Agency L
Peter and Joan Mattich L,H,Q,*
Inez Mattison Trust L
Al and Georgia Meier L,Q
Montana Synod, ELCA L
Donald and Beret Mott L,Q
Joan Scheele Mueller L,Q
Estate of Lorena Nitz
William and Jayne Nitz H,Q,*
Northwest Washington Synod, ELCA L
Jon and Carol Olson L,H,Q,*
Oregon Synod, ELCA L
Orion Laboratories L
Susan Parr L,H
Thomas Payne and Alexia Eide-Payne L,Q
Janet Prichard H,Q,*
Elmer and Mary Louise Rasmuson L
Donald and Janet Reiman L,H,Q,*
Barry and Carole Ann Rogge H,Q,*
Wayne and Sheryl Saverud H,Q,*
Del and Afton Schafer L,Q
Eunice Schleicher L,H,Q,*
Maurice and Lois Schwartz L
S. Erving and Nancy Severtson L,H,Q,*
Jeffrey and Patricia Smith L
Anne E. Snow Foundation Inc. L
Jeffrey and Kathy Spere L,H,Q,*
Ethel Squires L,Q
Geraldine Strege L,H
Estate of Helen Tengesdal L
Everett Thykeson L
James and Charmian VanBeek L,H,Q,*
Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation L
Donald and Virginia Wick L,Q
Matt and Norma Wilson L,Q

$10,000 TO $24,999

6 Anonymous
Alaska Synod, ELCA L
Faye Anderson H,Q,*
John and Ruth Anderson L,Q
Tom and Juli Anderson L,Q
Autodesk Inc. L
Cliff and Leona Bangsund L
Estate of Inez Barton L
David and Linda BeMiller L,H,Q,*
Gerald and Sharon Benson L,H,Q,*
Richard Bilbrough L
Burrill (dec.) and Myrtle Bresemann H,*
J.A. and Judy Bricker L,Q
Stanley and Terryl Brue L
Thomas Carlson H,Q,*
Cashmere Valley Bank L
Central Lutheran Church , Anchorage L,Q
Central Lutheran Church, Eugene L
Mr. and Mrs. Pak Joe Chan L
Ken and Polly Christopherson L,Q
Roger and Deane Claridge L
David P. Dahl L,Q
Gary and Doralee Dahlke H,*
Val and Alice Danielson L,Q
George (dec.) and Mary Davis L,Q
Virginia Davis-Johnson L,Q
Harold (dec.) and Frances Dawson L,Q
Delta Air Lines Foundation L
Dexter Corporation Foundation L
Jerome and Shari Donahe L,H,Q
Ronald and Margaret Douglass L,Q
Estate of Inez Eckblad L
Eddie Bauer Inc. L
Terry Edwards and Cynthia Wilson-Edwards L,Q
David Ericksen L
Ernst & Young LLP L
Ella Mae Fenn L,Q
Jerry and Janet Flodin L
William and Anne Frame L,Q
Kent Gerlach H,Q,*
H.Warren and Gerry Ghormley L,Q
Ron and Ingrid Gintz L,H,Q
Greater Tacoma Community Foundation L
Michael and Mary Kay Hallman L,Q
Marv and Dorothy Harshman L,Q
Paul Hartman L,H,*
Hewlett-Packard Company L
Bruce and Yvonne Hille H,*
Hoechst Celanese Foundation L
Paul and Vesta Hoglund L,Q
Glen and Tacy Huffman L,Q
Linda Hulbert H,Q,*
Ken and Irene Hultgren L,H,Q
Clem and Phyllis Hunter L,H
James and Debbie Hushagen L,Q
Bill and Betty Hyde L,Q
Charles and Otis Hyde L,Q
JCPenney Company Fund L
Howard Jensen L,H
Jeffrey and Katherine Johnson H,Q,*
Marguerite Johnson L,H,Q,*
Richard and Joanne Klein L,Q
Melvin and Melba Knudson H,*
Robert and Shirley Kramer H,*
Eloise Lanning L
Lanoga Corporation L
Margaret Larson L
Paul V.and Nina A. Larson L,H,Q,*
J. Hans (dec.) and Thelma Lehmann L
John and Marion Liming L,Q
W.H. and Isabel Lindberg Trusts L
Bruce Littman L
Kenneth Lo H,Q,*
Richard and Anita Londgren L,Q
Robert and Susan Long L,Q
Long Painting Company L,Q
Arthur Martinez III L
Kurtis and Pam Mayer L
Wallace and Joan McKinney L,Q
Paul Menzel and Susan Blank L,Q
Jerrold and Karen Merchant L
Mountain View Funeral Home and Memorial Park L,Q
Harvey and Carol Neufeld L,H,Q
Estate of Sue Nilsson L
Linda Nelson Olson L
Robert and Myrtle Parker H
William C. Parrish L,H,*
Eleanor Peterson
Estate of Ray Petry L
James and Karen Hille Phillips L,H,Q
Erik Bill and Louise Pihl L,H,Q
Presser Foundation L
Virginia Prochnow L,Q
Robert and Janice Kay Quello H,Q,*
Janet Radford H,Q,*
Estate of Effie Ramstad L
Michael and Judi Rash H,*
Gilbert and Georgine Roller H,Q,*
Roman Meal Company L,Q
Richard and Susan Rouse H,Q,*
Alan and Pamela Russell L,Q
Frank Russell Company L
Roger and Gerry Anne Sahlin L,Q
Scandinavian Airlines System, Inc. L
David and Christelle Schoening L,Q
L. Jerald Sheffels L,Q
Orville and Margaret Siegele H,*
Jeffrey Soine L
David and Lorilie Steen L,H,*
Lynn and Ariadne Stein L,H,Q,*
Marcus and Corinne Stuen L,Q
Robert and Clara Swanson L,H,Q
Tacoma Rainiers Community Fund L
Kent and Jeanine TeKrony L,Q
Ronald and Eileen Tellefson L,H,Q
John Templin H,Q,*
3M Foundation L
Gertrude Tingelstad L,H,Q
Jeffrey and Sheri Tonn L,H,Q
Estate of Evelyn Torvend L
Tucci & Sons, Inc. L,Q
U S WEST Foundation L
Phyllis Ufer H,Q,*
John and Marian Veld, Jr. H,*
George and Karen Vigeland L,Q
Roy (dec.) and Gloria Virak L,Q
David Waggoner L,H
Luther and Isabel Watness L,H,Q,*
George (dec.) and Enid Webber H,*
Western Washington Fair Association L,Q
C. Davis and Annette Weyerhaeuser L,Q
Philip and Bonnie Wigen L,G
Wilson Construction Company L
David and Elisabeth Wold L,H,Q
Woodworth and Company, Inc. L,Q
Craig Wright and Ruth Fischer-Wright H,Q,*
Xilinx L
Zion Lutheran Church , Kent L,Q
Dwight and Emilie Zulauf L,Q

$5,000 to $9,999

6 Anonymous
Absher Construction Company L,Q
Neal and Laverne Amend L,Q
American Lutheran Church, Billings Q
Estate of Dorothy Anderson L
Lowell and JoMarie Anderson L
James and Linda Arbaugh H,*
Arthur Andersen & Company, S.C. Foundation L
Alfred E. and Esther Westby Aus L,Q
Elbert (dec.) and Janice Baker L
Paul M. Bellamy Foundation, L,Q
Carl and Myra Bennett L,H,Q
Dale and Jolita Benson LQ
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Kalispell L
Morris and Doris Bohman L,Q
Norma Borgford L,H,Q
Samuel and Nathalie Brown L,Q
David Brusco
John and Luella Bustad L,H,Q
Keith and Marlene Canton Q
Paul and Mary Lou Carlson L,Q
Bob and Phyllis Carroll L,H,Q
Catalyst Cruise Line Ltd. Q
Christ Lutheran Church, Tacoma L,Q
David and Anita Christian L,Q
David and Nancy Coltom L,Q
Donald and Maxine Cornell L,Q
Cornelsen Charitable Foundation
Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, Bellevue L,Q
E. Fred and Ann Deal L,Q
$5,000 to $9,999 continued
E.J. De La Rosa & Company, Inc.
Educational Service District 113
Gordon and Ethel Eide L,Q
Iver and Camille Eliason L,Q
Stephen and Dianne Ellis Q
Bracy Elton
Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Walla Walla L,Q
Laurence and Margaret Ensor
Farmers Group, Inc. L,Q
Janet Fesq Q
James and Sharon Finley Q
John and Katherine Finstuen H,Q,*
First Lutheran Church, Ketchikan L,Q
David and Irene Fisher L,Q
George (dec.) and Betty Fisher Q
Foundation Northwest
Estate of Olaf Gaastjon L
George and Carolyn Gallaway L,H,Q
Ralph Gehrke L,H
Richard and Cherie Gesinger L,Q
William and Phyllis Ridge Gill
Estate of Lucille Giroux L,Q
Clarence and Adele Glenn
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Olympia L,Q
Roberta Goodnow and Daniel Lipkie L,Q
David and Margaret Greenwood Q
Lyle (dec.) and Lorna Greer L,H,Q
GTE Foundation L
James and Susan Haaland L,Q
Saul & Dayee G. Haas Foundation L
Milton Halvorsen Q
Elling and Barbara Halvorson L,Q
David and Barb Hamry L,Q
Chris and Theodora (dec.) Hansen L,H,Q
Harold Lemay Enterprises Inc. L,Q
Harold and Sharon Harrison H,*
A.L. and Isabelle Harstad
Connye and Allen Hartman Q
David and Constance Hellyer L,Q
Dale and Sharon Hirz L,Q
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Port Angeles L,Q
Ernest and Irene Hopp L,Q
Paul and Jeanne Hoseth L,Q
Household International, Inc.
Dennis and Linda Howard L,H,Q
Conrad H.S. and Dianne Hunziker Q
ITT Corporation L
Thomas and Kathleen Jacobson L,Q
Estate of Frances and Milton Jensen
David and Patsy Johnson L,Q
Dean and LaVonne Johnson L,Q
Kampgrounds of America
Florence B. Kilworth Foundation L
Timothy and Lisa Kittilsby Q
Mark and Sue Knudson L,Q
William and Gloria Koll L,Q
Brant and Carol Koller
Clifford and Marie Korsmo L,Q
Howard and Eugenia Kvinsland Q
Dawnell Lamb L,H
Thora Harmon Larson L,H,Q
John and Virginia Leever Q
Ronald and Judy Lerch L,Q
Arne and Ida Lervick L,Q
Paul and Norita Liebelt L,Q
Randy and Tara Lindblad
Michael Little Q
Valborg Brodahl Lowther L,Q
Duane (dec.) and Susan Lund L
John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
MacDonald-Will Foundation Q
Bahne and Karin Martensen Q
Eldred and Carol Matson L,Q
Lance McAllister & Donna Brinkmeyer Q
Joseph and Martha McCann Q
Ann Miller Q
Armin and Beverly Mohr L,Q
Morgan Guaranty Trust Company L
Cletus Morken L,Q
Mountain View Lutheran Church, Puyallup L,Q
Martin and Barbara Neeb L,Q
Charles and Lois Nelson L,Q
Arne and Rhonda Ness Q
Robert and Patricia Nieman L,Q
Herbert and Patti Nienstedt L,Q
James and Midge Nokleberg L,H,Q
Philip and Helen Nordquist L,Q
Sherman and Gloria Nornes, L,Q
Eric and Lisa Olsen Q
David and Arvis Olson L,Q
Alan Ostenson
Richard and Lynn Ostenson Q
Pacific NW Golf Association
Pacific NW Newspaper Association
Eugene and Barbara Pearson L,Q
John and Cathy Pederson L,H,Q
Barbara A. Peterson (Mrs. Warren) L,Q
Norris Peterson
Daniel and Virginia Phelan
Lazarus and Martha Politakis Q
Brian and Jane Price H,Q,*
Jeffrey and Margaret Probstfield L,Q
Carol Ann Quigg L,Q
William and Betty Ramstad L,H,Q
William and Joanne Rieke L,H,Q
Jeffrey and Kathryn Rippey L,Q
Clayton and Joan Royce L,H,Q,*
SAFECO Corporation L
Douglas and Vickie Saugen
Martin and Barbara Schaefer H,*
Dorothy Schnaible L,H,Q
Seafirst Bank and Foundation L,Q
Gary and Cheryl Severson L,Q
Silverdale Lutheran Church L,Q
Neil (dec.) and Rebecca Smith Q
Frank and Susan Spear L,Q
Orlando Spero and Nancy Kessler-Spero
Neil and Wyoma Standal Q
State Farm Companies Foundation L
David and Lindy Staub L,Q
Timothy and Barbara Stratton
Kenneth Stroad L,Q
E. Robert and Willamae Stuhlmiller L,Q
Dean and Carol Suess Q
Edward and Mary Sunde Q
Mark and Wendy Swanson L,Q
Estate of Hazel Swanson L
John Templeton Foundation
Texaco Foundation L
The News Tribune L
Eric Thomas
Thomas and Connie Thomsen L,Q
Alma Treede L,H,Q
Trinity Lutheran Church, Enumclaw L, Q
Trinity Lutheran Church, Lewiston L,Q
U.S. Bancorp L
Edward and Inez Weir Van Antwerp L,Q
Henry and Nova Van Baalen L,Q
Varian Associates, Inc. L
David and Marvalee Wake L,Q
Estate of Elsie Wakefield
John and Bonnie Wascher
Marie Webb Q
George and Verda Wehmann Q
Roger and Judy (dec.) Westberg L,Q
Westinghouse Foundation L
Richard Wiesner Q
Dan and Ulrike Wiklund L,Q
Wilcox Farms, Inc. L,Q
Howard and Donita Wilson Q
Donald (dec.) and Mary Griffiths Wiltse L,Q
Thomas and Carol Wood L,Q
David Yagow L,H,Q
Winston Zee and Peggy Chan L,Q

$1,000 to $4,999

12 Anonymous
AT&T Foundation
James and Julie Aageson Q
John Aakre and Cynthia Michael L,H,Q
Odven and Maxine Aakre Q
Betty Aalbue Q
John and Mary Adix
Arlis Adolf L,Q
Rolf and Tamera Agather
Timothy and Wendy Aho
Ronald and Joan Ahre Q
Eugene and LaWanna Ahrendt Q
Kim Allen Aiken Q
Travis and Shirley Aikin Q
Angelia Alexander Q
Merrily Allen Q
Ellsworth and Nancy Alvord Q
John and Joann Amend Q
Anacortes Lutheran Church L
Cresencia Ancheta Q
Mark Andersen and Bonnie MacMaster Andersen Q
Arnold and Caroline Anderson Q
Arthur and Cathy Anderson Q
Barbara Anderson Q
Charles and Margaret Anderson L,Q
David Anderson Q
Dennis and Ruth Anderson *
Don and Rita Anderson Q
Donald and Nancy Anderson Q
Gustaf and Dorothy Anderson L
Harlan Anderson Q
Helen Anderson Q
Herman and Vivian Anderson L,Q
J. Douglas Anderson Q
Jodene Anderson Q
John and Dorothy Anderson L
John and Myrna Anderson Q
Paul and Janice Anderson Q
Estate of Roy Anderson
Katherine Andre Q
Robert and Pamela Andrew Q
Larry and Anna Ankrum Q
John and Anne Aram H
George and Donna Arbaugh L,Q
Karl and Julia Arbaugh Q
John and Olga Arne Q
G. Michael Arnold Q
George and Karen Arola Q
Ashford-McAloon Roberts Insurance Q
Jo Anne Ashley Q
Williena Ausherman Q
BP America
John and Karen Backman Q
Audrey Bahr Q
Cindy Bahr Q
Thomas and Julie Baier Q
Fredric and Georgia Bailey Q
Herbert Bain Q
Bradley and Sherry Baker Q
Elbert H. Baker II Trust Q
Brian and Jeri Lyn Baker
Hardis and Gladys Bakken Q
Harold and Lois Bakken Q
Bank America Foundation
Bank of Sumner Q
George and Julee Barber Q
Charles and Linda Barbo Q
Stephen and Jeanine Barndt Q
Katherine Barnett H,*
J. Thad and Joan Barnowe Q
Scott and Deborah Barnum Q
Baskin Robbins Q
Arthur and Sandra Bauer Q
Richard and Lois Bauer Q
Todd Baxter Q
Jon Beake Q
Eric and Marie Bean Q
George and Andrea Beard Q
Robert and Noreen Beatty Q
Grant and Judith Beck
Jeffrey and Dayna Bedingfield Q
James Bekemeier Q
Luther and Lois Bekemeier L,H,Q
Bellingham Stevedoring Company
Irma Bendock Q
Shirley and Margaret Benham Q
Steven and Lois Benham Q
Edith Benson H,Q
Leonard and Ruth Benson
Michael and Mary Benson H
Paul and Katherine Benson Q
Ronald Benton and Kim Jensen Q
Duane and Joanne Berentson L,Q
James and LaVonne Berentson Q
David and Patricia Berg L,Q
Edward Berg Q
Helge Berg Q
Karl and Joan Berg Q
Ronald Berg L,Q
John and Angela Berglund Q
Howard and Gladys Bergum Q
Edward and Lorraine Berndt Q
Gary and Nancy Berner Q
Henry and Ida Berntsen Q
Rodney and Jo Ann Berntsen Q
Walton Berton and Carole Booth H,Q
Bethany Lutheran Church, Bainbridge Island
Bethany Lutheran Church, Gold Beach Q
Bethesda Lutheran Church, Eugene L,Q
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Tacoma L
Newton and Dee Betts Q
Le Roy and Aileen Bevolden Q
John Biberdorf Q
Gary and Mardel Bierwagen Q
Big Timber Lutheran Church
Donald and Judith Billings Q
Bob and Patti Bills H,Q
Charles and Barbara Bingham
James and Lori Bingham Q
Annabelle Birkestol L,H,Q,*
Grace Birkestol L,H,Q
Lynne Biteman
Bruce and Jill Bjerke Q
John and Gwendolyn Bjorkstam Q
David and Dorothy Bjornson Q
John and Celesta Bjornson Q
S.K. (dec.) and Charl Blackwood Q
George and Delphine Blair Q
John and Nina Bley Q
Grace Blomquist Q
David and Judith Bluhm Q
William and Katherine Blythe Q
Randolph and Gail Bohannon Q
Charles and Karen Bohlke Q
Clara Fjermedal Bohrman Q
Lester Bona Q
Louis and Lorraine Bonaldi Q
Andrew Bongfeldt Q
Brian Bonner Q
Book Club of Washington
Ronald and Sylvi Boomer Q
Melvin and Dorothy Boone H,Q
Kai Bottomley Q
Rodrick and Barbara Boyd H,Q
Walter and Jeanette Braafladt H,Q
Otto (dec.) and Goldia Brammer L
Thomas and Anne Brandt Q
Don and Pamela Bray
Jake and Trina Breimer
Ellen Breiten Q
Brian and Christy Brennt
John and Nancy Brickell Q
John and Ruth Breihl Q
John and Cheryle Briggs Q
James and Danielle Brink Q
Terry and Kerry Brink Q
Bristol-Meyers Squibb Foundation
Frank and Barbara Brocker L,Q
Robert and Connie Brog Q
Alan and Elaine Brooks Q
Ellen Brown Q
Steven and Jill Brown H,Q
Terrance and Cordelia Brown Q
Timothy Browning
Charles and Carol Brunner Q
Onella Brunner L,Q
A. Dean and Marilyn Buchanan L,H
Jeffrey and Janet Buege
Maurice (dec.) and Mildred Burchfield L,Q
Eugene and Evelyn Burgoyne Q
Burlington Lutheran Church L
Burlington Northern Foundation L
Gerald and Darlene Buss Q
John and Janet Bustad Q
Leo and Signe Bustad Q
C & C Paints
CIGNA Foundation
CNA Foundation
Guillermo and Sally Calle Q
Earl and Iris Cammock L,Q
Terry and Ellen Lee Campbell Q
Campbell Soup Company
G. James and Carlene Capelli Q
A. Mark and Karen Carlson H,Q
Dale and Jean Carlson Q
David E. Carlson Q
David W. Carlson Q
F. Paul and Judith Carlson
George and Dorothy Carlson
Herb Carlson Q
John and Debra Carlson Q
Loney and Sheila Carlson Q
Ralph (dec.) and Janet Carlson Q
Robert Carlson Q
Stephen Carlson and Stacy Waddell Carlson
Theodore and Alzora Carlstrom H,Q
William and Jewell Carnett Q
Carol Franc Buck Foundation
Gwendolyn Carr Q
May Carrell Q
Michael Carson H,Q,*
Richard and Delores Carstensen Q
Davis and Pamela Carvey L,Q
Thomas and Anne Case Q
Dave Casmier Q
Robert and Patricia Casteel Q
Robert and Lisa Caulkins
Center Electric Inc. Q
Marietta Centko Q
Central Lutheran Church, Belllingham L,Q
Central Lutheran Church, Portland L,Q
Century Companies of America L
Chalker Putnam Collins & Scott Q
Wing and Sophia Chan Q
Craig and Kathy Chance Q
David and Marcia Chance Q
Ralph (dec.) and Ruth Chandler Q
James and Ramona Charlston Q
Gary and Sharon Chase Q
David Cheever
Mark and Asha Chesnutt Q
Chevron Corporation L
Christ Lutheran Church, Odessa L,Q
Christ Lutheran Church, Spokane L,Q
Christ Lutheran Church, Walla Walla Q
Christ the King Lutheran Church, Milton-Freewater L,Q
David and Carolyn Christensen Q
Leslie and Edna Christensen Q
Linda Sue Christensen Q
Orson and Diana Christensen
Russ and Claudia Christensen Q
Rhoda Christian Q
Ruth Christian Q
B. Rodney and Esta Christiansen Q
Edward and Alene Christiansen Q
Howard and Vernita Christianson Q
Chauncey and Nellie Christofferson Q
Mark and Nanette Christofferson Q
Christopherson Insurance Services Q
Anthony and Martha Cimmarrusti
Robert and Barbara Clark Q
William and Margaret Clavey L
Robert and Lynne Cleland Q
Lloyd and Phyllis Cleven Q
Kendall and Tammy Colburn Q
Richard (dec.) and Charlene Colburn Q
Leslie Collar Q
Catherine Ann Collins Q
John and Sylvia Collins Q
Boyd and Sandra Colt Q
Ronald and Barbara Coltom H,Q
Edna Coltom Q
Computer Associates International
Eugene and Mary Cook Q
James and Joan Cook Q
Ronald Cook Q
John and Mary Cooley Q
Bruce and Carol Cooper Q
Keith and Lynn Cooper Q
Ruth and Les Copenhagen L,H,Q
Donald and Joann Cornell L,Q
Deborah Cornils H,*
Brian and Joyce Crain Q
Robert and Kathleen Creso Q
Lawrence and Linda Cress H,Q
Melville and Karen L. Nickel Creusere Q
Edward and Marilyn Crosby Q
Cross and Crown Lutheran Church, Renton
Bruce and Tami Cudahy Q
P. Scott and Kathleen Cummins
Jane Curl Q
Robert and Ann D'Unger Q
Warren and Betty Daheim Q
Leif and Carol Dahl Q
Norman and Patricia Dahl Q
Margaret Dakan H,Q
Steven and Susan Dalgleish Q
Ray and Deanna Dally L,H
Waite and Patty Dalrymple
Cecil and Helen Dammen Q
J.E. (dec.) and Cora Danielson
Dale and Janice Dann Q
Daryl and Gwendolyn Daugs Q
Earl and Anita Davie
Bill and Nancy Davis L,Q
Mark and Nancy Davis Q
Leland and Debbie Dawson H,Q
Estate of Michael and Emily Dederer L
Howard Dempsey Q
Denny Park Lutheran Church, Seattle Q
Lewis and Clara Mae Dibble
Neil and Doris Dickinsen
Russell and Sharlene Dion Q
Joel and Holly Dobberpuhl
David and Wendy Dorothy Q
Edwin and Edna Dorothy Q
L. Douglas and Helen Doten Q
Mark and Teresa Douglass Q
Peter Douglass Q
Dow Chemical Company Foundation
Thomas and Caryl Dowell Q
Gordon and Mildred Dowling Q
Robert and Marjorie Drewes Q
Timothy and Cheryl Drewes Q
Dryer Mortuary Q
Gordon and Mildred Dufseth L,Q
Robert and Martha Duggan
F. Alvin and Hildred Dungan H,Q
Kenneth and Janette Dunmire Q
Jeffrey and Karen Duzenbery Q
Jerry and Adelaide Dykstra Q
John and Kelly Dykstra Q
Frederick and Mary Lou Eastman Q
Earl and Denise Ecklund Q
Earl Eckstrom L,H,Q
Earl and Laurie Eckstrom Q
Larry and Diane Edison Q
Edison Lutheran Church, Bow L,Q
Estate of Harriet and Francis Edlund L
Larry and Kathleen Edlund Q
Kenneth and Barbara Edmonds Q
Dwight L.H. Edwins Q
Mark and Lisa Egbert Q
Lawrence and Christine Eggan Q
Richard Ehlinger and Irina Volkova Q
Christen and Laura De Verna Eidal Q
Estate of Ingeborg Eide L
Douglas and Shannon Eisert Q
Bruce and Barbara Eklund Q
Eli Lilly & Company Foundation
Robert and Geneva Ellerby
Arthur and Katherine Ellickson H,Q
John and Linda Ellingboe Q
Robert and Janyce Elmer Q
Rudolph and May Elmer Q
Douglas and Gretchen Ely Q
Emanuel Lutheran Church, Ritzville L,Q
Joyce Emilson Q
Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Spokane Q
Emmaus Lutheran Church, Eugene Q
Julius Eneboe Q
Mark Engel
Henry Ericksen Q
Elmer Erickson Q
Jack and Phyllis Erickson Q
Leigh and Janice Erie Q
Daniel and Karen Erlander Q
Emory Erlander Q
Loleta Espeseth Q
Glenn and Edith Evanson Q
Donald and Lois Ewing Q
Fairbanks Lutheran Church L,Q
Gary and Marilee Falde Q
Estate of Donald Farmer
Carl and Margaret Faulk
Einar and Marion Fauske Q
Hall and Sheri Feeney
Frank and Caroline Felcyn Q
John Feldmann Q
Lyle and Donna Feller Q
Luther and Katherine Fendler L,Q
David and Marilyn Fenn Q
Dorothy Fenner
Joseph and Lisa Ferraro Q
Fiduciary Trust Company (Boston)
William and Helen Finkle Q
Bruce Finnie and Linda Gibson Q
Fir Conway Lutheran Church, Mt. Vernon Q
First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Tacoma Q
First Lutheran Church, Bothell L, Q
First Lutheran Church , Kennewick
First Lutheran Church, Sioux Falls
First Lutheran Church of West Seattle
Melvin (dec.) and Bette Fitzgerald Q
Gerald and Judy Flaskerud Q
Flett Dairy , Inc. L
William and Paula Foege L,Q
Donald and Barbara Ford Q
Michael and Mary Lynn Ford
W. Stanley Ford Q
Norman Forness Q
Robert and Marjorie Forness Q
Jeffrey and Dianne Foster Q
Kathleen Franco Q
Franco Fish Products, Inc
Mrs. Robert Franklin Q
Marvin and Carole Fredrickson Q
James and Sandra Freisheim Q
Friends of Independent Schools & Better Education
Carl and Evelyn Frost L
David and Kari Frost
Thomas and Barbara Frost Q
James Funfar and Patricia Evoy Q
Roland and Annette Funk Q
Carl and Ingrid Fynboe Q
G.S.P. Building Company
Grant and Susan Gaither Q
Cheryl Gale Q
Leo Gallagher Q
P. Raymond Gallie Q
Thomas Gamet Q
Daniel Gard Q
Grant and Phyllis Gard Q
Cecelia Gardlin Q
W. B. and Jean Gardner
Frieda Gatzke Q
Bill and Marlys Gazecki Q
James and Julie Gearheard Q
Charles and Carol Geldaker Q
Gene Pankey Motor Company, Inc. Q
General Electric Foundation L
Georgia-Pacific Corporation
Earl and Sherrie Gerheim Q
Erv and Willene Gerken Q
Frida Tayet Gerla Q
David Gerry Q
Albert and Gladys Gerstmann Q
Gethsemane Lutheran, Portland L,Q
A. Hank and Hazel Giddings Q
William and Rochelle Giddings L,Q
Gordon and Mae Gilbertson Q
T. Dean and Anderea Gillund Q
Arthur and Virginia Gilmore Q
Lee and Elizabeth Gingrich
Lorin and Marylou Ginther L,Q
R. T. and Susan Giroux
Daniel and Lynn Girvan Q
Michael and Kelly Givens Q
Margaret Ann Glaser Q
Glendale Lutheran Church, Seattle L
Herbert and Kathryn Glick L,Q
Robert Gomulkiewicz and Andrea Lairson Q
Douglas Gonyea L
Gilberto and Marylou Gonzales
L. Keith and Debra Gorder Q
Jay and Irene Gordon
Stewart and Alice Govig Q
Grace Lutheran Church, Wenatchee L
Grace Lutheran Church Women, Port Townsend
Leon and Ann Grady Q
Olga Grahn L,H,Q
Loren and Linda Gramson
Joseph and Karen Grande
Otis (dec.) and Volly Grande Q
Ronald and Kay Gratias L,Q
Kendall and Sheryll Graven Q
David and Kathryn Gray Q
Donald and Carol Gray Q
Harold and Alma Gray Q
Graybar Electric Company, Inc.
William and Pamela Greenwood Q
Guttorm and Inger Gregersen Q
Halvor and Lillian Gregersen Q
David Grieger Q
James and Wendy Griffin
Norene Gulhaugen Q
Thomas Gumprecht and Bonnie Witrak L,Q
Lorraine Gundersen Q
David and Jana Gunovich Q
Glenn and Beverly Gustavson Q
Robert and Linda Gutmann
David and Barbara Gutzler Q
Nina Haagen H,Q
George and Florence Haakons Q
David and Joanne Haaland Q
David and Kathleen Haar
Gary and Kathryn Habedank L
Carl Hageman and Anne Lucky Q
Eva Hagen L,Q
Lauralee Hagen Q
W. L. and Jacqueline Hagen Q
T. Olai and Sarah Hageness Q
Helen Hagg
Hal and Elin Hagglund Q
Victor Haglund Q
Robert and Tammy Hall Q
Christopher Halon
Paul and Marilyn Halvor Q
Darren Hamby Q
Michael and Donna Hamilton Q
E. David Hammerstrom Q
Vernell and Carol Hance Q
David Jens and Janis Lee Hansen Q
Richard and Karen Hansen L,Q
Roger Hansen Q
Gary and Susan Hanson Q
James and Jill Hanson
Jerry and Marilyn Hanson Q
Kent and Marilyn Hanson Q
Leanne Hanson Q
Merle and Audry Hanson Q
Vernon and Marlis Hanson Q
Dennis Hardtke and Kathleen Swartz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harkson Q
Edward Harmic Q
Rodney and Terry Ann Harne Q
James and Mary Lou Harri Q
Karen Hart Q
Douglas and Deborah Hase Q
Robert and Kathleen Hasselblad Q
David and Kari Hatlen Q
Mark and Mary Hatlen Q
Joel and Kathleen Hauge Q
Lawrence and Beverly Hauge Q
Robert and Shirley Hauge Q
Torval and Marilyn Haugen Q
Chester and Irene Hausken Q
Philip and Sally Hayes L
Thomas and Nancy Heavey Q
Maynard and Lise Hedegaard Q
Alan and Cheryl Hedman Q
Donald and Martha Hefty Q
Luella Vig Hefty Q
Milton and Camille Hefty L,Q
Charles and Orrie Hegtvedt Q
Sverre Helland Q
Roy Helms
Denny and Susan Helseth Q
Paul and Mary Hemphill Q
John and Beverly Henderson Q
John and Zandra Hensel Q
Heritage Concert Association
William and Dorothy Herivel Q
John and Colleen Herzog L,Q
John (dec.) and Johanna Heussman L,Q
Peter and Nancy Heussman Q
Ronald and Miriam Heyer L,Q
Paul Hidy Q
Jeffrey Highland
Earl (dec.) and Astrid Hildahl L,Q
Roger and Joanne Hildahl L,Q
Loren and Camilla Hildebrand L,Q
Steven and Christine Hildebrand Q
Theodore and Lisa Hile Q
John and Christy Hilgers Q
Wayne and Deborah Hill L,Q
David and Linnea Hillesland Q
Joe and Audrey Hinch Q
Robert and Joanne Hinkle Q
Carol Hintze
Russell and Jacqueline Ho Q
Neil Hoff Q
Alfred and Betty Hoffman Q
Donald and Mavis Hoffman L,Q
Carl and Betty Hogan
Theol and Anna Hoiland Q
Alan and Marion Hokenstad Q
Janet Hokenstad Q
Norman and Ruth Hokenstad
Gilbert Holland Q
Marnee Hollis
James Holloway and Judith Carr Q
Richard and Karen Holmes Q
Genevieve Holte Q
Everett and Mary Jo Holum Q
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Ephrata L
Jack and Marilyn Hoover Q
Earl and Verna Horngren Q
Daniel and Katherine Horsfall Q
Kristin Houle Q
Richard and Jean Hovet Q
Ronald and Lois Hovey Q
Caroline Hovland H,Q
Paul and Ordetta Hovland Q
Randall Howard Q
Karen Fynboe Howe Q
H. Marc and Julie Anna Howell L,Q
David and Kari Hubbard Q
Walter and Joan Huber Q
Laurence and Bonny Huestis L,Q
Anne Huffman Q
Claude Hunskor Q
William and Edith Husby Q
John Hushagen and Janette Schurman Q
Lucille Iacuessa Q
Robert (dec.) and Edean Ihlanfeldt
Paul and Regina Ingram Q
Intel Foundation
International Council For Canadian Studies
Galven and Delores Irby L,Q
Thomas and Linda Isaacson Q
Donald and Mary Jane Isensee Q
Roger and Marsha Iverson Q
Roger and Cynthia Iverson Q
Thomas and Kristen Jacka Q
Don and Alice Jacobs
Kenneth and Stella (dec.) Jacobs L,H,Q
C. Virginia Jacobs Q
John and Karen Jacobson L,Q
Orville and Donnalee Jacobson Q
Russell and Margaret Jacobson Q
Steven and Julie Jacobson Q
Daniel Jaech H,Q
Estate of David and Maria James
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence James
James River Corporation
Samuel and Connie Janke Q
Raymond and Scarlett Jansure Q
Mrs. Charles Jarecki Q
Lloyd and Inez Jellum Q
John and Grace Jenkinson Q
Robert and Jean Jensen Q
Arthur and Rebecca Jerstad Q
Edward and Ethel John Q
W. Marvin and Delores Johns Q
Allen and Clarene Johnson Q
Anton and Lyndall Johnson Q
Arthur and Luella Johnson Q
Calvin and Alice Johnson Q
Carl and Sue Johnson Q
Clifford and Joan Johnson
David and Debrah Johnson Q
David and Janice Johnson Q
Donald and Dorothy Johnson
E. Marvin and Virginia Johnson Q
Frances Johnson Q
James and Jane Johnson L,Q
Jerry and Julie Johnson Q
Joel and Randi Johnson Q
John (dec.) and Elma Johnson L,H,Q
Kenneth and Terry Johnson Q
Lars and Judith Johnson Q
Lawrence and Delphine Johnson Q
Linka Johnson L,H,Q
Maria Johnson Q
Noel and Patricia Johnson Q
Paul Johnson Q
Ronald and Susan Johnson Q
Rudolph (dec.) and Ruth Johnson Q
V. Paul and Luci Johnson Q
Harriet Jones
Paul and Desnee Joos Q
Eric Jordahl L,H,Q
Peter and Karen Jordahl L,H,Q
Paul and Frieda Jordan Q
Dwayne and Diane Jorgensen Q
Allan and Ellen Juhl
Robert and Janet Junell Q
Frank and Karen Jung Q
Richard and Grace Jungkuntz L,Q
Erling and Judy Jurgensen L,Q
John and Deanna Jury Q
Gregory and Carrol Karlsgodt Q
Frank and Carol Karwoski Q
James and Lee Kauth L,Q
Nobi and Sharon Lea Kawasaki Q
Darrin Kay
Kenneth and Roberta Kehle Q
Donald and Betty Keith Q
Dale and Joan Keller Q
Robert and Betty Keller Q
Estate of Elwin Kendall
Bruce and Karleen Kennedy L
Richard Kent H
Ronald and Jane Kent Q
Kent Lutheran Church Q
James and Patricia Kerns Q
Solveig Kerns Q
Colin and Janice Kibler-Melby
Stephen Kiesow and Megan Stearns Q
Jack and Maxine Kilcrease Q
David and Patricia Killen Q
Dong Kim Q
Kari Kindem Q
King of Glory Lutheran Church, Fountain Valley Q
Craig and Cynthia Kinnie Q
Douglas and Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Q
Robert and Michiko Kissinger Q
James and Liv Anne Kittilsby L,Q
Kenneth and Lois Klarquist L,H,Q
Robert and Byrna Klavano Q
Matthew and Charlene Klein
Robert and Cynthia Klein Q
Joel and Barbara Klett Q
Marian Klingensmith H,Q
Phillip and Kathryn Klintworth Q
Carmen Knudtson Q
Larry and Evelyn Knutsen Q
David and Marilyn Knutson L,H,Q
Irvin and Ruth (dec.) Knutson Q
Maurice and Lillian Knutson L
Gerald and Dinah Knutzen Q
Tim and Coleen Knutzen Q
David and Michelle Koblas Q
Gary and Mavis Koch Q
Donn and Patricia Koessler Q
Allan and Mary Kollar Q
Virginia Koller
Konsgaard-Goldman Foundation
John and Edna Korsmo Q
John and Lisa Korsmo Q
James and Carol Koski
Jerry Kracht and Janice Jones Q
Richard and Naomi Kraiger H,Q
Paul Kramer Q
Stephen and Christine Kramer Q
Donald Krantz L,Q
Robert and Marian Kratzke Q
Robert and Linda Krause Q
Konstantinos and Constance Kravas Q
Ruth Krebs Q
Roger and Sandra Kreis Q
Jerry and Gwendolyn Kress Q
Robert Krieger
Julius and Mary Kronnagel Q
David and Laurel Krueger Q
Bernd and Karen Kuehn Q
Deuane and Karen Kuenzi
Masako Kuno Q
Kurt Mayer's Wanderlust Travel Q
Olaf Kvamme Q
Stener and Margaret Kvinsland Q
Eldon and Helen Ramstad Kyllo L,Q
Paul and Janet Labes L,H,Q
Laird Norton Trust Company
Lakewood Gallery
Albert and Marilyn Lamb Q
John and Danelle Lamb Q
C. Douglas Lamoreaux Q
Arthur and Julie Landskov Q
Dorothy M. Detlor Langan Q
Steven Lansing and Bonnie Valiton Q
Duane and Peggy Lansverk L,Q
Donald and Janice Larsen Q
Ivan and Kristine Larsen
Arthur and Lorraine Larson L,Q
Carl and Terry Larson Q
Christine Larson Q
Curtis and Cindy Larson Q
Howard and Cathy Larson Q
Larry and Karen Larson Q
Margit Larson Q
Richard and Sharon Larson Q
Robert E. Larson L,Q
Roger (dec.) and Lucille Larson L,Q
Roy and Maria Larson Q
Selmer and Helen Larson Q
Larson Glass Company, Inc Q
Brian and Melissa Laubach Q
Kenneth and Catherine Laufmann Q
Hendrik and Valda Laur Q
William and Margaret LeMaster Q
H. Eugene and Carla LeMay Q
Leonard and John Leach Q
Solveig Lee
Leif Erickson Memorial Commitee L
Eric Lemnitzer Q
Len's Mower Service Q
John Lennon Q
Roger and Linda Lervick Q
John and Agnes Leschensky Q
Mark and Laura Lester Q
Robert and Kelly Lester Q
Paul and Sylvia Leung Q
Gerald and Mildred Lider Q
Light of the Cross Lutheran Church, Bothell Q
Elmer and Ruby Lindahl L,Q
W. Michael Lindel and J. Meredith Tucker-Lindel Q
Hans and Ann Lindstrom
Laine Lindstrom
Trent and Annette Ling Q
Paul and Tami Linnerud
Walter and Montel Livingston Q
Mary Alice Llewellyn Q
Del and Kristine Lofton Q
LaVon Logan Q
Eva Long Q
Michelle Long
Isabel Jane Lonn Q
Thomas and Marge Lorentzsen Q
Erik Lorenz Q
Gerald and Janet Lorenz Q
Margaret Lowe Q
Thomas and Mary Jo Lowe Q
Brian and Roberta Lowes
Jack Loy
Donna Lucky Q
Stephen and Cheryl Lucky Q
Lois Ludwig H
Terry and Kathy Lumsden Q
Roger Lundblad H,Q
Lyman and Grace Lundeen Q
Gene and Marian Lundgaard Q
L. Karsten and Kirsten Lundring Q
Lutheran Brotherhood, Tacoma Area Branch #8279 L, Q
Robert and Judy Lycksell
John and Louise Maakestad L,Q
Kurt and Robin Farrar Maass Q
Ralph and Kathryn Madsen Q
Oliver and Marie Magnuson
Thatcher and Nina Magoun
Thomas and Janette Mahoney Q
Melissa Majar Q
Lawrence and Laura Majovski Q
Brenda and Diann Mangan Q
Stephen and Teresa Mangelsen
D. Moira Mansell Q
Thomas and Florence March
Harold and Inge Marcus Q
R. Dan and Christine Marken Q
David Dale and Mary Rebecca Marquardt
Donald Marsee and Jill Whitman Q
Larry and Stacia Marshall Q
Dennis and Gloria Martin Q
Arthur and Constance Martinson
Ronald and Marilyn Martinson L,Q
Delores Ann Marvonek Q
Marzano's Q
Lafayette and Audine Massingill Q
Lance and Naomi Mathisen Q
Jon Matson Q
Charles W.H. Matthaei
Arthur and Betty Matthias Q
Paul and Dixie Lee Matthias Q
Peter and Harriet Mauritsen H
Chester and Julie Mayo Q
James and Christine McDirmid
James Mc Dougall
Malcolm and Diane McCallum Q
Craig McCord
Benjamin and Ellen McCracken Q
Robert and Edith McDaniel Q
Susan McDonald Q
McDonnell Douglas Foundation
Mark and Gerd-Inger McDougall Q
Neil and Nancy McGee Q
Robert (dec.) and Geraldine McGill Q
Richard and Zina McGinnis Q
Blaine and Ellen May McKanna Q
Douglas and Liane McKanna Q
Brent McKinney Q
Allan and Sally Ann McLean Q
David McNabb
Ann Meacham Q
Joseph and Barbara Mead Q
Nancy Meader Q
W.H. and Elizabeth Meadowcroft
Ronald and Laverna Medrud Q
Ann Marie Mehlum Q
Michael and Nancy Melary
Hazel Melby
Merrill Lynch & Company Foundation L
Messiah Lutheran Church, Auburn Q
Frank and Linda Mettler Q
Hermina Meyer L,Q
Thelma Meyer L,Q
William and Shirley Ann Michael
Jon and Solveig Miller Q
Mark and Connie Miller Q
Marlen and Ann Miller H,Q
Ronald and Jean Miller L,Q
Elva Milson Q
Gary Minetti and Alene Klein
Don and Joan Minnick Q
David and Mari Misterek L,Q
Dwight and Lois Mitchell Q
Arnold and Mina Mittelstaedt Q
Mobil Foundation, Inc.
Elmer and Astrid Mobroten Q
Richard Modlin and Jilene Nicholson Modlin Q
Luther Moen
Frederick and Merle Molter Q
Duane and Kirsten Monick Q
Katharine Monroe L,H,Q
William and Beverly Monroe Q
Jeffrey and Diane Monsen Q
Robert Monsen L
Donald and Marie Monson Q
Daniel and Patty Montgomery
John and Melody Moody H,Q
David Morehouse Q
Harris and Laraine Moriguchi Q
Robert and June Morin Q
Estate of Patricia Moris
Michael and Michael Mork Q
George Morken
Eliot Morken Q
Oscar Morken Q
Peter and Alana Morris Q
Steven and Sue Morrison Q
Robert Mortenson Q
Estate of Robert and Gladys Mortvedt L
Moss Adams Foundation
Frederick and Barbara Motteler Q
Christopher and Linda Moudry Q
Mount Cross Lutheran Church, Tacoma Q
Stanley and Julia Mueller
Frederick and Esther Muenscher
Robert and Karen Mulder Q
John and Rebecca Murnen Q
Betty Museus H,*
Gerald and Martha Myers Q
Richard and Marlene Myking Q
R. Clinton and Diane Names Q
National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics
National Distributing Company Inc.
Scott and Priscilla Neils L
Nellcor Incorporated
C. Lennard and Suzanne Nelson Q
Dennis and Joanne Nelson
Drew and Marilyn Nelson L,Q
Ed and Judith Nelson Q
Glen Nelson Q
Kirk and Patricia Nelson Q
Larry and Nancy Nelson Q
Michael and Pamela Nelson
Michael and Janet Nelson Q
Robert Nelson Q
Kim and Krystn Nesselquist
David and Jane Nesvig Q
Hazel Nesvig L,H,Q
John and Esther Neu Q
Jeffrey Neumeister Q
Richard Newell Q
Verne Newhouse Q
June Newnham Q
Robert and Anne Newton Q
Gary and Laura Nicholson Q
Robert and Jean Nistad L,H
Ronald and Leslie Noborikawa Q
Robert and Evelyn Nordeen Q
Eric Nordholm Q
Robert and Joan Nordstrom Q
Martin and Jo Ann North Q
Richard and Kathleen North Q
Northwest Cascade, Inc.
Norwest Foundation
Donald and Naomi Nothstein L,H,Q
Melvin and Colleen Novotney Q
George and Phyllis Nowadnick Q
Gary and Marilyn Noyer Q
Lloyd and Margaret Nyhus H,Q
Michael and Beverly O'Brien Q
Kevin O'Connell Q
Oak Harbor Lutheran Church Q
Douglas and Deborah Oakman Q
John and Jeris Ockfen
Dona Offner Q
Donald and Kathleen Ogard Q
James Ojala Q
Leif and Pichin Oksenvaag Q
Zenon and Molly Olbertz Q
John (dec.) and Mildred Olden Q
Howard and Delora Olivers Q
Bruce and Pamela Olsen Q
Karl and Lois Olsen Q
R. Brad and Joyce Olsen Q
Richard and Clintena Olsen Q
Stanley and Beth Olsen
Arden and Kathryn Olson Q
Brian and Mary Olson Q
Estate of Ella and Clifford Olson L
Franklin and Karen Olson Q
H. Garvik and Betty Olson Q
Paul and Elizabeth Jill Olson Q
Randy Olson and Cynthia Kraiger Q
William and Donna Olson Q
Halvar and Alvina Olstead Q
Gordon and Arlene Omdal L,Q
Leonard and Margaret Omdal Q
Georgia Oppen Q
Norman and Maizie Orth H
Peter Ostenson Q
Karl and Rosemary Ostling Q
Gail and Janis Otto Q
Rick and Sally Ouhl Q
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Seattle
Our Saviors Lutheran Church, Aberdeen Q
Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Bellingham
Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, Bremerton L,Q
Merlyn and Joan Overland Q
Ervin Owens Q
Helmi Owens Q
Leonard and Anne Ozmun Q
Arthur and Aija Ozolin Q
PEMCO Foundation
Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company
Lance and Leona Parker Q
Parkland Collision Center Q
Parkland Travel Service Inc Q
Walter and Janet Partel Q
Allan and Donna Patchett Q
Kenneth Pate L,Q
Robert and Margaret Paterson
Robert and Lindi Paull Q
Eric and Elna Paulson L,Q
Gerald and Carol Paulson Q
Rolf and Sherry Paulson Q
Peace Lutheran Church, Colfax Q
Peace Lutheran Church, Puyallup Q
Peace Lutheran Church, Silvana L,Q
David and Nancy Pearson Q
Marvin and Deloris Pease H,Q,*
Pease & Sons Inc. Q
Donald (dec.) and Laura Pedersen Q
Einer and Emma May Pedersen Q
Svend and Cathy Jo Pedersen Q
Arne and Gloria Pederson L,H,Q
Leslie and Cheryl Pederson Q
Mark and Robin Pederson
Nancy Pedot Q
Ethel Yoakum Pender and Family L,Q
Peninsula Lutheran Church, Gig Harbor L,Q
Margaret Peper Q
Blayne Perleth Q
Greg and Lisa Perlot
John and Betsy Jo Perry Q
Judith Perry Q
Marilu Person Q
George and Jo Marie Pessemier Q
Lester and Evelyn Peter H,Q
Clark and Aurora Peters Q
John and Marilouise Petersen Q
Jon and Dorothy Petersen Q
Allen and Leslie Peterson
Arthur and Carol Peterson L,Q
Clayton (dec.) and Leona Peterson Q
Dale Peterson Q
Edwin Peterson Q
Harold and Bernice Peterson Q
Lawrence and Beth Peterson Q
Lillian Peterson L,H,Q
William and Mary Peterson Q
Lynn and Kathleen Pettit H
Kristina Pfeil Q
Paul and Viola Pflueger L
Thomas and Heike Phelps
Philip Morris Companies, Inc.
Carol Phillips Q
Dean and Susan Phillips Q
Delmar and Mary Pieper
Pierce County Medical Society Alliance
Martin and Darlene Pihl
Walter and Jeanette Pilgrim Q
Steven and Ann Pinning Q
Piper, Jaffray & Hopwood, Inc.
Pitney Bowes Inc.
Mike Plows Q
Helen Pohlig Q
Julia Pomerenk Q
Nora Ponder L,H,Q
Clifford and Marilyn Ponnikas Q
Jerry and Sandy Poppen Q
Paul Porter and Mary Drutis-Porter Q
Portsmouth Trinity Lutheran Church Q
Gregory and Susan Potter Q
John and Maradee Potter Q
Gary and Joyce Powell H,Q
Premier Foundation
Paul and Gilma Preus Q
Arthur and Helen Price Q
Prince Of Peace Lutheran Church, Everett
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Spokane Q
Proctor & Gamble Fund
Promax, Inc.
Puget Sound Bank L
Puget Sound Power & Light L
Elizabeth Pulliam Q
Stanley and Cecilia Purvis Q
Millard (dec.) and Hellen Quale Q
Timothy and Letitia Quigley Q
Richard and Karen Raisler Q
Judy Ramstead Q
Alvin and Mary Randall Q
Ernest and Charlotte Randolph Q
Edward and Cathryn Rasmuson L
Fraser and Lynn Rasmussen Q
William and Priscilla Rasmussen Q
Loyd (dec.) and Vivian Reels L
Roger and Lea Rae Reep Q
Donald Reese H,Q
William and Caryl Reese
Kenneth and Vera Reidy Q
Katharine Reigstad Q
Paul and Marjorie Reigstad Q
Catherine Reilly Q
Tracy and Barbara Reiner L
Gerhard and Jean Reitz Q
Craig and Becky Rettkowski Q
David and Joan Rice Q
Gail Rice
Elwood and LaVon Rieke H,Q
Robert and Gladys Rieke L,Q
Kenneth and Audrey Riis Q
Patti Lee Risdal Q
Erik and Susan Ristuben H,*
Jon and Karen Rivenburg H,Q
Armand Riveness L,Q
David and Karen Robbins Q
Robert and Ann Roberts Q
Roberts Family Limited Partnership
Kenneth and Sandra Robinson Q
Curtis and Carol Rodin Q
Richard and Elaine Rodning Q
Kaaren Roe Q
Dennis and Mary Roley Q
Arvid and Constance Ronning
Daniel and Marilyn Rose Q
Leland and Greta Roseberg Q
Jerry and Billye Roseliep Q
Moshe Rosenfeld and Susan Kaetz Q
Robert and Suzie Ross Q
Rotary Club, RYLA Fund
Gary and Laura Rothenberger Q
Jerald and Judelle Rothi Q
Paul and Joann Rothi Q
George and Patricia Roundy Q
Donald and Debra Rowberg Q
Clifford and Jille Rowe Q
James and Sandra Rowland H,Q
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Rowles Q
Douglas and Lisa Ruecker H
Robert Running Q
Donna Rusch
James and Gerrie Russell L
Donald and Janet Rutledge Q
James and La Donna Saari Q
Salem Lutheran Church Q
H. Wilton and Marsha Samuelson Q
Peter and Kathryn Sandvig Q
Clinton and Sandra Sanford Q
Harry and Corinne Sannerud Q
Randy and Alice Satrum Q
Victoria Savage Q
Thomas and Georganne Sawyer Q
Jeff and Karin Scanlan
Eldon and Joanne Schafer Q
Gertrude Scheele L,Q
Al and Ella (dec.) Scheibner L,H,Q
Schering-Plough Foundation
John and Aleen Schiller L,Q
Stephen and Lani Schindele Q
William and Donna Schlitt Q
David and Patricia Schmidt Q
Schoenfeld-Gardner Foundation L,Q
Dr. and Mrs. Gerry Schriever Q
Bradford and Carolyn Schultz Q
Richard and Sandra Schwabauer Q
Carl and Jewellyn Searcy Q
Sears Roebuck Foundation L,Q
Seattle Times/Seattle Post-Intelligencer L
Sedgwick James Inc.
Richard Seeger and Robin Koch Q
Estate of Aleda Seierstad
Bruce Seiler and Nicola Glaser-Seiler Q
Dan and Judith Selmann Q
F. Thomas and Wendy Sepic H,Q
Dennis Sepper and Nancy Connor Q
Fred and Jane Shanaman
John Shannon L,Q
David and Teresa Sharkey Q
Marvin Shaw Q
William and Thelma Shaw Q
Shell Oil Company Foundation L
Randi and Bruce Shore Q
Chris and Cindy Shultz Q
Charles and Mary Ann Silvey Q
Don and Irene Simmons Q
Donald and Barbara Simmons Q
John and Jeraldine Simonson Q
Walter and Jeanette Simonson Q
Jack and Janice Sinderson Q
William Sisco and Jeanne Landdeck-Sisco Q
Lawrence and Irene Skinner L,Q
James and Julia Skog Q
Maurice and Patricia Skones Q
Tamelyn Skubinna Q
James and Mary Sletten Q
Robert and Darci Slocum Q
Evalena Smick L,Q
Richard and Barb Smidt
Alfhild Smith Q
Judith Smith Q
Paul and Virginia Smith Q
Richard and Carolie Smith Q
Smith Tractor & Equipment Co Q
Charles and Etta Smithson L,H,Q
John and Marian Snee Q
Kenneth Snider L
Carol Snyder Q
Society for Information Management
Dale and Margaret Soden Q
David and Carol Soderlund Q
Clarence and Helen Solberg Q
Judith Solberg Q
Chester and Thelma Solie Q
Lloyd and Cena Solie
Glenn and Ardath Solsrud Q
David and Kay Soltis Q
Floyd and Gwen Solum Q
Alexia Sontag Q
Robert and Barbara Sorenson Q
Forrest and Colleen Soth Q
Melba Sovde Q
Spanaway Lutheran Church Q
James and Myrna Sparks H,Q
Richard and Kathryn Sparks Q
David Sparling Q
Warren and Adeline Sparling Q
Randal and Laurel Spitzer Q
Tom Sporar
Louis Spry
St Andrew's Lutheran Church, Bellevue L,Q
St. Luke Lutheran Church , Portland
St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Tacoma L,Q
Standard Paper Co Q
Alan and Sharon Kay Stang Q
Sid and Marguerite Staswick Q
Constance Stay Q
Steelcase Company
Paul and Judith Steen Q
Darcy Steger Q
Erv and Phyllis Steinle Q
Stanley and Sharon Stenersen Q
David and Margaret Stevely Q
John and Kristine Stewart Q
Willie and Faye Stewart Q
Robert Stivers and Laura Gross L,Q
Nancy Stolz L
Steve Stoner Q
Dale Storaasli Q
Kenneth and Catherine Storaasli Q
Lester and Carol Storaasli Q
F. Warren and Lavina Strain Q
Gerald and Linda Strand Q
Richard and Donna Straub
William and Barbara Street
Richard and Beverly Strickland Q
W. Jeremy and Susan Stringer Q
Bill (dec.) and Peggy Stringfellow Q
Peter and Ellen Strom Q
O. John and Florence Stuen L,Q
Paul and Karin Stuen Q
Lena Stuhlmiller Q
Suburban Realty Q
Dagny Sundby Q
Gerald and Nancy Sundby Q
Jill Sundby Q
Bruce and Shirley Sutherland L
Cora Svare Q
Evelyn Svendsen L,Q
Frank and Mildred Swanberg Q
Byron and Doris Swanson Q
Donald and Wendy Swanson Q
Donna Swanson Q
Paul and Mary Swanson
Robert and Annabelle Swanson Q
Alfred and Ovedia Swanstrom Q
Eunice Swenson Q
Rodney and Evelyn Swenson Q
Swift Equipment Company
Syntex Corporation
TRW Foundation
Tacoma Golf Association
Tam Engineering Corp. L
Kwong-Tin and Pauline Tang Q
Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Taylor
Murray and Vera Taylor Q
Terry and Sandra Taylor Q
Lenore Taylor L,Q
Daniel and Doris Tchobanoff Q
Ronald and Mary Teel Q
Carrie Tellefson Q
Lee Tempel Q
Dale and Tara Terwedo Q
Kenneth and Dee Tetz Q
Texas Instruments Foundation
Textron Charitable Trust
John and Nancy Jo Thiebes Q
Christine This
Brian and Susan Thomas Q
Donald and Audrey Thomas Q
Mary Helen Thompson Q
Robert and Betty Thoren Q
Donald and Kay Thoreson L,H,Q
Steven and Virginia Thrasher Q
Ila Thunberg Q
Esther Thune H
Frank and Marlys Tidwell Q
Wenzel and Laverne Tiedeman Q
Jon and Christine Tigges
Estate of Margaret Tillotson
E. Bart and Coreen Tilly Q
Earl and Barbara Tilly L,Q
Robert and Anne Timm Q
Harold (dec.) and Alice Tingstrom Q
Tiny's Tire Q
Titus Will Families Foundation Q
Ray and Phyllis Tobiason L,Q
Edward and Janice Todd L
Andrew and Caroline Tolas Q
Marilyn Tollefson Q
Steffan and Carol Tolles Q
Marvin and Carol Tommervik Q
Marvin and Lissa Tommervik Q
Kenneth and Doni Topel L,Q
Ellen Torongo Q
E. Silas and Alice Torvend H,Q
Totem Ocean Trailer Express Inc.
Clark and Pamela Townsend Q
Norman and Ann Tremaine Q
Roy and Edith Tribe Q
Trinity Lutheran Church, Freeland Q
Trinity Lutheran Church, Longview Q
Trinity Lutheran Church, Pullman L
Trinity Lutheran Church, Tacoma L,Q
Joseph (dec.) and Jean Trucco Q
Elna Trulson Q
Michael Turco
Walter and Suzanne Tushkov Q
Charles (dec.) and Dorothy Tuvey Q
Steven and Valerie Ufer Q
Duane and Marilyn Ulleland Q
United Way of King County
Catherine Unseth Q
Robert and Christine Urata Q
Ronald and Alina Urbanec Q
Alice Utzinger Q
Wilfred Utzinger and Kim Parker Q
Kenneth and Lydia Van Beek Q
Lorraine Van Beek Q
Viola Van Gilder Q
James and Kari Van Gundy Q
Oliver and Carol Varnes Q
Howard and Florence Vedell L,Q
Kirk Veis
Bruce and Paula Vinson Q
Philip and Bonnie Vorvick Q
George and Arlene Wade L,H,Q
Louis Wagner, Jr. L,Q
Larry and Sharon Wahl
Craig and Aya Wainscott Q
Thomas Wake Q
Scott Wakefield Q
James and Robin Walker Q
John and Zoya Walker Q
Michael and Carol Wall Q
Peter and Marylu Wallerich
Charles and Naomi Lynn Walsworth Q
Clarence and Janet Walters
Erwin and Vivian Walz Q
Gayle Walz Q
Peter and Grace Wang
Paul and Birdell Wangsmo Q
Steven and Martha Ward H,Q
R. Harrison Warner Q
Warner-Lambert Company
Garth and Kristine Warren
Washington Mutual Foundation
Washington Natural Gas Company L
Washington Software Association
Frank and Julia Waterworth Q
Calvin and Julia Watness H,Q
Eric Watness
Estate of Ralph Webber
David and Lori Wehmhoefer Q
Michael and Jill Weier
Weir's Inc. Q
Leslie Wells
Martin Wells and Susan Briehl Q
Walter (dec.) and Lila Wendlandt L
Ray and Dorothy Werner
Terry Werner
Margaret Wesson
West One Bancorp
Western Washington Chapter, March of Dimes
Elmer White
Grant and Anne Whitley Q
John and Judith Whitmer Q
Margaret Wickstrom H,Q
William and Beth Wiegand Q
Richard and Marie Wiesner L,Q
Janet Wigen Q
Wilbur Lutheran Church Q
David and Roberta Williams Q
Donald and Ann Williams Q
Hayden Williams Q
Oscar (dec.) and Doris Williams Q
Brian and Elizabeth Willis Q
Bruce and Ann Willis L,Q
Howard and Elizabeth Willis Q
J. Stanley and Thelma Willis Q
J. Robert Wills and Barbara Salisbury-Wills
Sarah Wilson Q
Estate of Mabel and August Wing L
Robert and Carolyn Jean Wise Q
David and Brenda Wise Q
Frank and Lydia Wise Q
Odny Wise Q
Timothy and Susan Wise Q
David and B.J. Wishart L
Forrest and Virginia Wohlhueter Q
Karen Wold Q
Edroy (dec.) and Margaret Woldseth Q
Owen and Sandi Wollum
Joseph and Barbara Wood Q
Dolores Woods Q
Roland and Rose Wuest Q
F. Lowry and Lenore Wyatt
Randy and Sandra Yoakum Q
Robert and Ann Yost Q
Benjamin and Susan Young Q
Leo and Marlene Zeiler Q
James and Sharolyn Zimmermann Q
Dennis and Diane Zimmermann Q
Zion Lutheran Church, Camas
Zion Lutheran Church, Newberg L,Q
Zion Lutheran Church, Spokane
Charles and Angela Zurcher Q
Arthur (dec.) and Shirley Zurfluh Q
Robert Zurfluh Q

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