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Leadership and Service

Invest in the future through Q Club

B Y   I N G R I D   G I N T Z   ' 7 0 ,   Q   C L U B   P R E S I D E N T

Last May Q Club celebrated its 25th anniversary. Q Club is a volunteer organization that raises funds for scholarships. With a membership of more than 2,000, it provided more than $1.25 million in scholarships last year alone. Q Club members receive regular communications from PLU and various special opportunities from the university throughout the year.
      Q Club provides an opportunity for you to strengthen your relationship with the PLU family. Even more important, alumni, parents and friends who appreciate the value of a PLU education can help provide the experience to the next generation of students. As these students graduate and take their places in the world of work, their attitude of service will make a difference in our schools, our healthcare facilities, our businesses and our communities. And we will be making a difference through them.
      If you are a member of Q Club, thank you for your support! In an effort to help even more students, I challenge you to recruit another member or increase your annual giving. If you are not a member, I encourage you to join! Q Club includes student members, recent graduates (associate members) and members who contribute at a wide range of giving levels. For more information about Q Club, call the Q Club office at 253-535-7429 or 800-258-6758.
      Investing in the lives of others is what Q Club is all about. I hope you join us!

The following individuals, churches and businesses have joined Q Club or upgraded their membership from Oct. 1, 1997, through Jan. 16, 1998.

President's Circle ($5,000-9,999)
Mark and Laura Polcyn *

Senior Fellow ($2,400-3,599)
Ted and Doreen Johnson *
George and Verda Wehmann *
Charles and Margaret Upshaw

Associate Senior Fellow ($1,800-2,399)
Kent and Jeanine TeKrony

Fellow ($1,000-1,799/year)
Eric and Marie Bean *
Morris and Doris Bohman *
Richard and Lisa Coyner
Bernice Koester
Jon and Solveig Miller *
Denny and Judy Nelson *
Don and Audrey Thomas *
Jean Trucco *

Associate Fellow ($480-999/year)
Donald and Nancy Anderson *
Steven and Suzanne Appelo
John and Jane Aune *
Helge Berg *
Robert and Lisa Caulkins
Christ Lutheran Church, Spokane *
Dean-O and Nancy Fickert
First Lutheran Church, Kennewick
Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Portland *
Paul and Marilyn Halvor *
Jerry and Julie Johnson *
Paul and Janet Labes *
Roy and Maria Larson *
David and Kathleen Leander *
Tom and Marge Lorentzsen *
William and Elvira Reardon
Scott and Sherith Squires
Frank and Millie Swanberg *
Ronald and Vickie Tuvey

Member ($300-479/year)
Karen Aumick
Dan and Terry Anne Bechtel
Jim and Cindy Bendickson
Sam Bolland
Steve and Kaylene Brown
Gilbert and Carol Bruhn
Dennis and Kathryn Cockrum
Gary and Joan Dolman
Stephen and Ellie Ellis
Bruce and Lucinda Farman
Kris and Sharon Geldaker
Karl Gronberg
Bill and Marilyn Hecht
Marnee Hollis
Henry Howe and Margaret Ogden-Howe
Curt Huber
Barry and Mary Jane Johnson
Meg Johnson
Gary and Penny Knowlton
Mary Kramer
Russell and Denece Lord
Christine Love
David and Mary Marquardt
Nikki Martin
Curt and Debbie McGee
Patrick and Irene McSweeney
Rik Muroya
Linda Olson
Sharon Payne
Glenn and Janna Preston
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Everett
Daniel Shafland
Agnes Smith
Wallace and Dorothy Soland
Wesley and Elizabeth Strauss
Edward and Janice Todd
Jennie Turnick
Bruce and Brenda Young

Associate Member ($120-239/year)
Sarah Abbey
Jennifer Berger
Susan and Roger Campanelli
Danny Hagedorn
Gary McKechnie
James McQueed
Carla Meier
Sonjia Rainsberry
Scott Richardson
Douglas Thompson
Andy and Stephanie Tomlinson
Jack Tyson

Student Member ($60-119/year)
Heather Bledsoe
Treesha Doescher
Rebecca Jackson
Heidi Keller
Robert Larson
Megan Olson
Jill Shepherd
Cheyanne Zahrt

* Increased from previous level

In Support of Excellence

Gifts, pledges and grants of $10,000 or more, October 1 to December 31, 1997

George I. Alden Trust $25,000 Science Equipment Endowment Challenge (SEEC) Grant
Allenmore Medical Foundation $24,000 Restricted Scholarship Grant
Daniel and Anne Alsaker $10,000 Science Equipment Endowment Challenge (SEEC) Pledge
Thomas and Kathryn Anderson $22,813 Mary Baker Russell Music Center Fuchs Organ Fund/Q Club/Science Equipment Endowment Challenge (SEEC)
Neal and Joyce Arntson $20,000 Science Equipment Endowment Challenge (SEEC)/Q Club
Janice M. Baker $15,000 Elbert H., II and Janice M. Baker Endowed Music Scholarship
Dale and Jolita Benson $11,631 Unrestricted Endowment/Q Club
Howard Byerly $11,740 Mathematics Endowed Scholarship
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America $20,492 ELCA Churchwide Benevolence Support
Boyd Ferguson Confidential Theresa Ferguson Endowed Scholarship
June and Julian Foss Foundation $40,000 Mary Baker Russell Music Center Fuchs Organ Fund/June and Julian Foss Endowment
The Gottfried and Mary Fuchs Foundation $25,000 Restricted Scholarship Grant
Arthur H. Hansen $160,000 Technology Fund/Jennie L. Hansen Endowed Scholarship
Roe and Beverly Hatlen $53,594 President's Discretionary Fund
Jack and Marilyn Hoover, Jed and Sheri Hoover, Jill and Mark Reich $17,500 Hoover Family Endowed Scholarship Pledge
IBM International Foundation $41,875 Matching 22 Donor Gifts
Independent Colleges of Washington $25,977 Ameritech Distance Collaboration Grant/Unrestricted/Restricted Scholarships
Intel Foundation $131,550 South Sound Science Fair Grant/MESA Elementary and Southern Expansion Grant/MESA Mathematics Is Power Program Grant
Iris Jacobson $10,000 Mary Baker Russell Music Center Phase II Construction Fund/Q Club
Theodore and Doreen Johnson $15,906 Science Equipment Endowment Challenge (SEEC)/Q Club/Restricted
Elizabeth Karl Estate $101,510 Theodore O.H. and Betsy Karl Endowed Scholarship Fund/Theodore O.H.and Betsy Karl Scandinavian Cultural Center Endowed Scholarship
Gordon and Alice Kayser $20,000 Phillip and Alice Kayser Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Margaret E. Knutzen $33,276 Q Club/Q Club Endowment Fund/Gladys Knutzen Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ruby Knutzen $10,000 Q Club/Einer and Ruby Knutzen Endowment Fund
The Kresge Foundation $250,000 Science Equipment Endowment Grant
R. James Lane $34,000 R. James Lane Endowment for Music/Skones Endowed Music Scholarship/Music Department/Mary Baker Russell Music Center Fuchs Organ Fund
Lutheran Brotherhood $13,645 Matching 103 Donor Gifts/Lute Club Fund
Alma Meisnest Estate $15,649 Alma Meisnest Endowed Scholarship
Donald and Wanda Morken $194,360 Entrepreneurial Fund/Expanded Lemkin Program/Q Club/Q Club Challenge Fund/Donald and Wanda Morken Family Scholarship
M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust $82,200 Murdock College Science Research Program Grant
Larry Neeb $21,000 President's Discretionary Fund/Q Club/Lucille Giroux Memorial Endowment
William and Patricia Ostenson $14,423 Burton T. Ostenson Memorial Endowment/Science Equipment Endowment Challenge (SEEC)
Thomas Payne and Alexia Eide-Payne $10,000 Rev. and Mrs. E.E. Eidbo Endowed Scholarship Fund
George and Jane Russell $20,000 MALD Challenge
Donald and Edith Strandness $51,100 Restricted/Q Club/Men's Tennis Team
Thomas and Connie Thomsen $11,381 General Endowment Fund/Q Club
Marie Tobiason Estate $67,500 Marie and Alice Tobiason Endowed Scholarship/Technology Fund
Robert B. Young $19,231 Helen G. Young Memorial Internship

Q Club Directors

Ingrid Gintz '70, Chair
Neal Arntson '58
David Berntsen '58
Leland Dawson '72
Kathy Edlund '64
Trent Erickson '94
Roberta Goodnow '75
Larry Green '76
Dale Keller '53
Lisa Kittilsby '84
Paul Larson '38
Laura Majovski
Beret Mott '90
Knut Olson '90
Joe Patterson '98
Laura Polcyn '75, '79
Stan Purvis
Bill Rea
Inez Van Antwerp

David Aubrey, Interim Vice President for Development and University Relations
Lauralee Hagen '75, '78, Director for Alumni and Parent Relations
Monica Hurley '94, Associate Director for Annual Giving/Q Club

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