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technoweb \tek'-no-web\ n a regular column devoted to PLU, technology and the World Wide Web

Hopping onto the PLU Web site is a little like driving through downtown Seattle there's always something under construction! But while the Seattle experience is sure to bring cross words and headaches, navigating the cyber-roads at PLU is more like a treasure hunt. This quarter's featured nuggets can be found at the following addresses (after you've entered www.plu.edu into your URL):

School of Nursing
/~nurs - The department's homepage underwent a complete redesign, and it now includes everything you wanted to know about PLU nursing but were afraid to ask.

/~asplu - The new ASPLU home page contains sections on its staff and structure, along with links to outdoor recreation activities, Impact, the Games Room and The Cave.

Advanced Placement Institutes
/~apinst - This summer program helps prepare instructors to teach advanced placement classes at the secondary level.

And in other computing news . . .

$42,000 IBM grant outfits UC Computer Lab - IBM and its employees cooperated in a matching grant that brought a total of $42,000 to PLU in late 1998. The windfall helped the University Center Computer Lab purchase 28 new systems, along with a new server for future expansion. The generous IBM program has allowed the lab to replace all of its PCs over the last two years.

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