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To check out these new pages, add the following extensions to the PLU home address (www.plu.edu) in your URL:

[image] Campus Voice
Campus Voice /campusvoice/
PLU's campus newsletter, Campus Voice, will publish exclusively online beginning in September. A new edition is posted each Monday and a special "What's Hot" section is updated daily. In addition, look for a campus webcam on Red Square coming soon!

Registrarís Office /~regi
Provides students and faculty with resources normally available only during office hours. The site gives access to forms, class schedules, registration information, transcript request information, and more.

Center for International Programs /~inpr
Learn about the wide range of international programs available to students and see photos of past students' experiences abroad.

eCourse http://ecourse.plu.edu (this is the complete URL)
eCourse is a new campus system designed to give faculty the tools to create and maintain course information on the Web. It has a wide variety of tools that will enhance the traditional classroom experience, including threaded discussion groups, virtual chat and whiteboard features, a course-specific calendar, an announcement board, a digital drop box, and more. To view the system click the "Login" button at http://ecourse.plu.edu, then log in as a guest by clicking the "Preview" button.

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