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To check out these new pages, add the following extensions to the PLU home address (www.plu.edu) in your URL:

Office of the Provost (/~provost)
Get lists of faculty committees, Faculty House room sizes and downloadable forms, as well as other resources on this site geared toward the PLU faculty and administration.

eCourse Documentation (/~ecourse)
Companion to the new eCourse system at PLU, this website has documentation that can help students and instructors better understand the features found on that system.

2000-2001 Course Catalog (/print/catalog)
Provides an in-depth look into academics at PLU as well as information about policy and procedure.

Computer Science & Computer Engineering (http://www.cs.plu.edu)
Students in computer science and/or computer engineering classes can use this site to get resources placed online by their professors, as well as informa-tion about the department.

PLU Experience (/pluexper)
Take a virtual tour of campus, learn about some of the aspects of campus life and get tips to ease the stress of being an incoming PLU student.

Connections/Returner (/print/connections)
A newsletter for new and returning students with tips about the start of the school year. Find out what has changed around campus and other essential knowledge about college life at PLU. It also has a list of dates that students and parents should know.


[image] Campus Voice
Campus Voice online.

Campus Voice a success on the web
The new and improved Campus Voice online Web site has been a major success in its first semester of production, with more than 500 email subscribers and an average of 900 hits per week. Readers enjoy the daily updates, expanded format, expanded photo essays and longer features. The website is also getting kudos for its convenient links to other sites—around the university, and around the world. New to the site is a Webcam focused on Red Square—stop by and see what’s hap-pening at PLU 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Pay a visit at www.plu.edu/campusvoice.

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