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How Do I...?

If I am a transfer student, how do I know which courses fulfill particular PLU requirements?

While the only guaranteed way to know is to get an official evaluation from the Registrar's Office, you can view a transfer equivalency guide for all Washington state community colleges (and those in Portland).

How can I change my advisor?

A Change of Advisor form must be filled out and returned to the Academic Advising Office, Ramstad 112. You must receive the signature of your new advisor in order to change your advisor.

How can I calculate my own GPA?

To calculate your GPA use the calculator located here.

How do I declare my major?

Once you have decided upon a major, you'll need to make an appointment with the chair of the department to complete an Academic Program Contract (APC). Once the chair of the department completes the online form, you will be officially declared by the Registrar's Office in Student Services.

Once I declare my major or minor, does that mean that I am stuck?

No. Changing a major or minor is as simple as having the chair of a department fill out a new APC and following the same process as above.  There is a question on the online form that asks if the major being declared is replacing a previously declared major.

How do I take the Math Placement Exam?

Click here to take the Math Placement Exam.

How do I take the Foreign Language Placement Exam?

Click here to take the Foreign Language Placement Exam, available in German, Spanish, and French.

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