Commute Smart

Commute Smart provides education in and support for alternative transportation methods for PLU students, faculty and staff, through a variety of policies, programs, and benefits.

By making conscious efforts to use sustainable commuting practices, PLU commuters can model sustainability as well as work toward greater harmony with the environment.

Winter Advice from Pierce Transit

The routes shown on our website and the Pierce Transit Snow Guide are most likely to be affected by severe weather. You may board your bus along the unaffected portions of the route. If your route is not shown, your bus is probably able to run its normal route. Service on all routes may be running much slower than usual. Storms are different and this sometimes forces us to take detours different from the ones shown.

If snow is on the ground, visit our website before you leave to catch your bus. Look for an alert on your route page to view the snow detour map and the very latest detour information.

Every attempt will be made to continue wheelchair-accessible service, however, sand and salt can interfere with the lift mechanism.

Riding the Bus in Winter

  • Wait for the bus at the top or bottom of the hill closest to the stop.
  • Signal so the operator has plenty of time to stop.
  • Wait until the bus stops before approaching.
  • Use handrails when getting on and off the bus.
  • Wear bright colors and warm clothing.
  • Get the latest updates sent directly to you through PT’s Twitter feed. Transit.

Commute Benefits

Commute Smart provides education and support for alternative transportation methods.

Pierce Trips Calendar is your one-stop center for transportation options in Pierce County.


A unique car-sharing service which provides affordable access to low-emission vehicles.