Commute Smart

Commute Smart provides education in and support for alternative transportation methods for PLU students, faculty and staff, through a variety of policies, programs, and benefits.

By making conscious efforts to use sustainable commuting practices, PLU commuters can model sustainability as well as work toward greater harmony with the environment.

Snow/Extreme Weather - Pierce Transit

Click here to see Pierce Transit’s Snow Routes and tips for riding the bus in snow and ice. You’ll also find the 2016-2017 Snow Brochure.

Rider Alerts and Schedules

Pierce Transit:

Sound Transit:

There are many ways to Commute Smart…visit the FAQs page for more information. If you have questions, contact Gretchen Howell, the University Transportation Coordinator at ext. 7185.

Commute Benefits

Commute Smart provides education and support for alternative transportation methods.

Pierce Trips Calendar is your one-stop center for transportation options in Pierce County.

Carpool and Save

Carpooling is a smart way to cut costs and make the most of your commute.