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-- Alumni --
Lute Salute

PLU Catering Team

Erin (McGinnis '90) Sigman
Linda Nyland
Shawn Reiels

For countless contributions to the university for their professional service, creative genius, culinary skill, artistic flair and countless hours of work in creating spectacular PLU special events.

Photo: Chris Tumbusch
Photo: Chris Tumbusch

From left, Shawn Reiels, Erin (McGinnis '90) Sigman and Linda Nyland.

Giving Back to PLU

Campus Safety

A group of alums volunteered their time on Aug. 28 to help train 50 new Campus Safety student staff on how to properly respond to emergency-related incidents on campus.

Top row, from left: Tom Steinert '95, John Funfar '91, Ainslie Koperud '99, Chris Gerling '91. Bottom row, from left: Dan Nielsen '01, Campus Safety operations supervisor; Jennifer Olsonn '99; Micah Lundborg '92; Lisa McDaniel '91; Stacey Heller '90; Thomas Mercer '91; Adam Collins '91, Campus Safety operations supervisor.

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