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University team carries PLU 2010 message

Coleen Hacker, professor and assistant dean of the School of Physical Education-who is also the U.S. Women's Soccer Team sport psychologist-speaks at the Tacoma PLU 2010 event last November, as MaryAnn Anderson listens, front center.

Traveling the country to solicit the views of alumni and other friends of the university, President Loren J. Anderson and a small group of PLU staff and administrators are carrying the message of PLU's new "2010" long-range planning project. To date the itinerary has included visits to Hong Kong, Southern California, Arizona, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington state.

The program is designed to create a dialogue in the articulation of a vision for the future of the university. "We use the occasion to set new goals and objectives, as well as open channels of communication to enable our constituencies to share their ideas," Anderson said.

The goal is to have the results of up to 40 national "town meetings" in by May 2001 and, then, by that fall, start creating a specific set of recommendations for the future of the university. "Leadership in the university community does not happen by fiat or by dictum but by a working consensus around a set of objectives," Anderson explained.

"The strength of any private university is in the vast network of its constituency-the people who are committed to its future," he added.

During Spring Semester 2000, members of PLU's long-range planning committee began outlining the steps necessary to plan and shape the document, "PLU 2010: The Next Level of Distinction."

Development of the plan will include a series of campus events and continuing the discussion of the university's future among students, faculty, administrators and staff. For dates of the next series of regional 2010 events, see the Calendar.

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