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alumni news & events

Alumni College 2006 at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival


Opening the Lute Dome

Students engage locally and globally

Asia excursion

New opportunities for study-away

Best of Scene

A collection of the most outstanding Scene stories

here & now

Dance craze hits campus as students rebuild the Swing Club

life of the mind

'Student-mathletes' star in community outreach and self discovery

attaway lutes

Adaptive rowing techniques enable varsity student-athlete

leadership & service

Q Club: Quality education begins with you


Enhancing PLU's status as a premier NCAA Division III institution

alumni profiles

Father of XBRL — Setting a new global standard in accounting practices

alumni class notes

Keep up with your classmates’ achievements, moves and family changes!

the arts

2005 Winter Senior Art Exhibition


Marvelous music and theater performances are on the spring calendar. Review all upcoming events here

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