The Advantages of Pursuing Nursing as a Career in Washington

The demand for nurses and for high quality nursing care exists across the country, but some states are especially good places to build your career as a nurse.

A combination of economic, legal, and cultural factors make Washington state a highly desirable place for nurses to work and grow their nursing careers long-term.

If you are considering developing your nursing career, Washington could be the perfect state for you.

Why Study Nursing at Pacific Lutheran University?

If you are considering a graduate degree in nursing, Pacific Lutheran University could be the perfect place to grow into a leader in the nursing profession.

  • Pacific Lutheran University has an excellent reputation in the Washington area and beyond, ranking in the top 120 schools nationally for excellence in both our master’s and doctoral nursing programs. Our graduates are easily able to find work they love because healthcare centers know and trust the PLU education.
  • PLU’s graduate programs include a guaranteed practicum placement, which ensures our students get the clinical experience they need to excel.
  • PLU’s programs feature small cohorts, in-person classes, and a focus on highly experiential learning. This focus on the personal helps our students become excellent nurses, ready to lead others and care for patients with an experienced, empathetic hand.

Last Modified: July 10, 2019 at 10:40 am