A Guide to Careers in Nursing

Student nurses in lab

A Free Resource for Beginning and Advanced Nursing Professionals

About This Resource
This resource is designed to offer aspiring, beginning, and advanced nursing professionals a clear summary of career paths and opportunities within the nursing industry and a clear look at the benefits of a nursing graduate degree. In this resource, you will learn about the reasons why you should consider getting a graduate degree in nursing, about the career roles and salary expectations for nurses with advanced degrees, and about Pacific Lutheran University’s graduate nursing degrees specifically.

About Pacific Lutheran University

Pacific Lutheran University purposefully integrates the liberal arts, professional studies and civic engagement in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Founded in 1890 by Norwegian immigrants, PLU continues the distinctive tradition of Lutheran higher education through its commitment to the advancement of knowledge, thoughtful inquiry and questioning, the preparation of citizens in service to the world and to its ongoing reform.

PLU’s top-ranked graduate programs prepare students for lives of service and innovation through rigorous, experiential study.

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