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Brenda Miller is the author of five essay collections: An Earlier Life; Who You Will Become; Listening Against the Stone; Blessing of the Animals; and Season of the Body.  She also co-authored Tell It Slant: Creating, Refining and Publishing Creative Nonfiction and The Pen and The Bell: Mindful Writing in a Busy World.  Her work has received six Pushcart Prizes.  She is a Professor of English at Western Washington University, and on the faculty of the Rainier Writing Workshop.  She lives in Bellingham, WA, with her dog Abbe and a rotating crew of foster dogs who take up temporary residence. Her website is

Mentor. Workshops and classes in nonfiction.

Statement: “As both a writer and a teacher, I’m so interested in how we make authentic connections, especially in a world that has grown so busy and ‘digitized’ that such connections can be rare, fleeting, and absolutely stunning. I look forward to being witness, cheerleader, mentor, and companion as you find your true voice in creative nonfiction.”