Program Cost for Master's in Creative Writing

The program cost includes tuition for 44 credits and accommodation and meals for the four 10-day residencies. Our cohort pricing means that as long as you are continuously enrolled in the program with your cohort for 3 years plus the final summer residency, the charges will not increase.  Travel expenses and any other costs associated with the collaboratively designed outside experience are not included.

Below are the curriculum and costs for students who start the program in Summer 2024. Room and meals are included and cannot be deducted from the program cost.

Total program cost: $43,410

Additional fees include: technology fee (e.g. online learning platforms, course sites, email and storage accounts) ($270/year) and wellness fee (e.g. virtual wellness options, accommodations, virtual consultations) ($110/year), a one-time matriculation fee ($205), thesis binding ($100), books and materials for coursework.

MFA Program Cost Breakdown 2024 Cohort

TermCoursework & ResidencyCost
Summer 2024Coursework (4 Credits): $3,881
Summer Residency: Room $410, Meals $695
Fall 2024Coursework (4 Credits)$3,881
Spring 2025Coursework (4 Credits)$3,881
Summer 2025Coursework (4 Credits): $3,881
Summer Residency: Room $425, Meals $710
Fall 2025Coursework (4 Credits)$3,881
Spring 2026Coursework (4 Credits)$3,881
Summer 2026Coursework (4 Credits): $3,881
Summer Residency: Room $440, Meals $725
Fall 2026Coursework (4 Credits)$3,881
Spring 2027Coursework (8 Credits)$3,881
Summer 2027Coursework (4 Credits): $3,881
Summer Residency: Room $455, Meals $740