ThrivingCampus - Referrals and Resources

What is ThrivingCampus?

  • ThrivingCampus is a HIPAA compliant web application used by schools across the country to help students access off-campus mental health referrals within and around their community.
  • The provider directory gives students 24/7 access to a national community of off-campus providers, plus the support they need to seek and engage with providers successfully.

Can students access and use ThrivingCampus on their own?

  • Yes, students can access the provider directory and contact providers on their own by phone or email.
  • Students do not need to sign in or download anything to access the provider directory.  It can be accessed on devices of all types, including computers, phones, and tablets.
  • Students can filter and search for providers around campus and across the country based on their needs and preferences.

How do students access ThrivingCampus?

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