Reproductive Health News

PLU’s Health Center is fully aligned with Washington State in our shared commitment to ensuring that students have equitable access to sexual and reproductive health services within our scope of care and to informed referrals to resources and services beyond the Health Center’s scope of care. 

Our first priority is the health, safety, and well-being of our students, and we recognize the role of sexual and reproductive health as an essential element of overall health.  If you are a PLU student and have questions about sexual and reproductive health resources available to you, please refer to the Health Center overview or make an appointment with one of our providers to discuss your specific needs.

Reproductive Health News

There has been an introduction of so-called DIY sexual assault at-home exam kits from manufacturers who are claiming these kits are valid evidence in courts of law.  In fact, these kits are not acceptable in court, are not HIPAA protected and are not free.

If you, or someone you know, needs a SANE exam after a sexual assault, please seek care at your nearest emergency department, where these exams are done at no cost by licensed trained medical professionals.

Confidential Centers on campus include the Confidential Advocates in the Center for Diversity, Justice and Sustainability; the Health Center; the Counseling Center; and Campus Ministry; these can provide initial or additional support.